Sunday, December 5, 2010

One story at a time please.

Hello. Que tal? Onu mangan diozu baino? How is your weekend going? Yesterday it was all about going out with family and friends. Today it was all about going to church and spending quality time with Mr. D. Am I really good in arranging my quality time? Saturday is for my family and friends. Sunday is for my spirituality and boyfriend.

Saturday morning, I went to Karamunsing & Wisma Merdeka with mum, dad and Aaron. Not really shopping for Christmas but just to arrange something about the LCD TV and also buying new school's stuff for Aaron. Woah. Next year my bro is going to be a Form 5 student and will be seating for his SPM. How fast can the time flies?

As for me, I do have my own reason to go to Karamunsing. Hahaha. To check out the Digi Karaoke Superstar at KK Box Karamunsing of course. If you're a Digi customer, you'll receive a message from them promoting about it. I got the same message too last Friday, then without any second thoughts, I decided to participate in this contest. No harm in trying right? I called KK Box the day before just to ask whether we need to pay anything or not to join this contest (you know, contests like these are hanky-panky at times, I need to be extra careful, am I being paranoid here or what? :D), they informed me to come and just take the form, no need to pay anything. They'll start the registration tomorrow (4 Dec) at 11am. The next day I reached there exactly 11am. There were like 30-40 people waiting already! But not queuing up, just standing here and there with their group of friends. I went directly to the counter and ask about the Digi thingy, they replied 'Please wait for a while because the forms are not ready yet'. Duh. I decided to wait next to the counter with a friend I met there coincidentally. Huhu. Btw, Digi will only going to accept 200 participants. That's why I went there as early as possible. Hahaha. Aaron accompanied me while my parents went to SenQ.

This is the best part, when we saw the forms arrived, my friend and I quickly line up in front of the counter. Guess what? I was the 1st person to get the form. Before they distribute the forms to us, the KK Box staff asked us to show the message we have received from Digi regarding the contest and then I have to write in my name in their list (I think they want to record and make sure that the quota of 200 participants does not exceeds). I joyfully write my name, take the form and fill it up straight away. Aaron helped me to read out the song choices while I was busy filling up the forms. Only 1 song is needed for this stage. Song choices are very limited. Malay, English & Chinese songs, 25 song titles for each languages. I was upset for my killer songs To Love You More - Celine Dion or One Moment In Time - Whitney Houston was not in the list. I made a hard decision by choosing a Malay number. Hohoho. Langit ke-7 by Sharifah Zarina. Hope that song will give me luck in this contest. Hero - Mariah Carey and My Heart Will Go On - Celine was in the list but I've sang those 2 songs many times already. Oh well. Now I just have to wait for Digi to message me when and what time I'm required to come for the audition. Yeap. There will be 5 rounds: audition (200 participants), preliminary (50), quarter final (20), semi final (10) and grand final (6). For the audition and preliminary rounds, it will be held at KK Box itself. From quarter finals onwards, Centre Point will be the center stage of attraction. Semi finalists are required to perform 2 songs in front of live audience. I like! Ceh. I don't even know if I can make it to the preliminaries. *sigh* I hope I can make it to the finals and win it. I want it so badly. Ish.

Actually, something really embarrassing happened to me at Wisma Merdeka afterwards but I'm so sleepy now. May I continue the story in my next post? Please. Goodnight :P


Donna said...

Sya sedia suda ni stef beli popcorn mo tgk ko nyanyi di CP!

FifieJay said...

@donna: If I made it to the quarter final la. Then u guys can see me in CP. Haha. Blm sure lg la if I can make through the 1st round pn. Sabah bah ni. A lot of talented singers.

cammy86 said...

i like To Love You More - Celine Dion too!~ hehe.. syg xda ni lgu dlm list.. xpa.. semangat la ni mau p cp tgk ko nyanyi.. hehe.. inform jak bila.. GOODLUCK!!~ (^.~)v

FifieJay said...

@cammy: Harap sa dpt smpai tu quarter final pnya round la k. If x, xda la chance tu mau tngk d CP. hahaha

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