Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random pictures of the day

Pictures I want to share with you from my SE T715 :)

 This picture was taken from Siti's car during our way to have lunch at McD Api-api. Someone had a special McD delivery that day :) Oh well. His office was just around the corner so why not?

 Family went to Clark, Manila for a holiday vacation. Just came back just now. I wasn't included in the trip this time. The reason is I have to stay back at home and feed the dogs. They bought a lovely black handbag for me :P

 Tiger is her name. Kiko's aunty. Hehe

 My current hair colour. Don't know why it's dark brownish red colour. Dyed my hair twice with Liese's Cassis Berry & Milk Tea Brown. Reason is I didn't apply the 1st colour correctly (hair was reddish colour a bit but uneven). So I decided to buy a 2nd colour and confidently apply the dye following the step-by-step video by Liese. Tada! This is what my hair colour is now.

HARRY PORT anyone? Hahahahahahahahaha

Kiko The Crazy Miao

Today was a very busy day indeed. Non-stop working from morning until afternoon. Proceeded to the Terminal 2 Airport to fetch my family. Had dinner at Metro Restaurant, Donggongon. Arrived at home and have to send my housemaid to her place somewhere near See Khiong.

What about yours? Must be pretty hectic too right?


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