Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yes. I am a GG freak. Thank you.

Who doesn't love to watch Gossip Girl. I just love the way their drama goes on and on because at the end of the day it will end just like the way we wanted it to be with just a little twist of course.

Casts of GG4. Oh my Taylor Momsen. What happened to you.

I love S&B! They're like the best BFF ever. No matter how messed up is their life, you can't just break off their friendship.

But why must you only be shown on 24 Jan 2011 for the next episode of GG4!

Ok. I'm done. I will just keep myself busy for the time being.


Meitzeu said...

I love GG too!!!!! From their baby face till their hot looking face!

FifieJay said...

Oh yesh!!! :D

ArMs said...

I like the chicks of GG ;D

FifieJay said...

@arms: Which one? All of them ka. Haha. Paling fav mana 1? :D

Gina Dulcie Kissey said...

S, can't believe they make us wait till Jan 24! ...
o well..
xoxo G

FifieJay said...

@Gina: They like to make us waiting for the next episode with much higher expectations. The suspense. Haha.

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