Monday, January 17, 2011

Should we know what an investment is?

What is investment?

When I was still a kid or teenager, I have no interest in investments. All I think of is to finish my homework, to play, to study, to have a boyfriend and to find a good job so that I can have my own money. That's it. Nothing else. Yes, I know. To have a boyfriend was not supposed to be in the list. Hehe

Insurance? I have no idea what insurance is. All I know is you pay them every month and if something bad happen to you they will give you a huge amount of money. I think it's a stupid business, why should you give money to people? Your company will sure go bankrupt one. That was when I'm still in primary school.

ASB? Mum opened an account for me when I was 12 years old. My 2 brothers also have an account there when they reached the age of 12. At that time, I have a secret plan. A stupid secret plan. My secret plan was I will secretly withdraw an amount of money when I reached the age of 18 (because that's the time you can withdraw money by yourself, without parents's sign) Hahaha. And you want to know how much I want to withdraw? RM200! Lol. RM200 is considered as very 'rich' to me.

Ok. Now I've graduated and have a decent job. That's good. However, it will be greater if I have a job which is related to what I've studied for my Degree. I'm still waiting for it though. Patiently & praying to God every single day. Hoho.

Today, I went to Great Eastern to ask about my insurance. Mum bought an insurance from them and now she's asking me to take over. The original plan was to surrender the insurance but I changed my mind because it's better to wait 2 more years. Hihi. The total surrender value will be much much much much more higher after 2 years. So let's wait until 2 years then! :D

Then, I went to CIMB Bank next to Suria Sabah to apply for the ASB loan. They provided me with all the informations I needed and proceeded with the registration. I'll receive a call from them after a week to sign all the documents pertaining ASB loan.

I'm so glad because now I have my own savings. Those of you who haven't have any savings, you better get one!


Nina Manson said...

Yeah yeah mari meng-invest!! Sometimes I'm tempted to make withdrawal from my ASB ni. Tahan tahan ja la!! Hahaha!

FifieJay said...

Ko withdraw ja bh tu bonus ko. Hahah. Tp jgn kc abis la.

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