Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

The wedding between Prince William & Kate Middleton was witnessed by more than 2 billion viewers from all over the world. CNN reported that more than 200 thousand people viewed the wedding ceremony through online streaming. I was one of them too, from the office during working hours. Haha. On my way back home, I heard from that our Agong & Queen is attending the wedding at Westminster Abbey too. I arrived home right on time, believe me. Ngam-ngam Kate sampai di depan altar! 

The main reason I want to watch their wedding so badly is of course, the wedding gown. I WANT TO SEE HOW THE WEDDING GOWN LOOKS LIKE! And...... it's perfect. Thanks Sarah Burton. You are going to be the next Vera Wang. Definitely!

Second reason is, the make-up. I'm not surprised that she decided to do her OWN make-up for her big day. I really looked up to her. She's still herself. Down-to-Earth. She did a great job with her make-up. I loved it. You're giving me a very wonderful idea Kate. Maybe I should take up a few make-up lessons from now on. Starting from Mary-Kay. Who's in with me? I heard they're giving free make-up lesson at their place in Alamesra?

To both Prince William & wifey, Congratulations! God bless both of you.

Let's look at their wedding pictures ay? Courtesy of

And now, the Royal Wedding Kiss! Twice! Taken from Youtube.

P/S: They reserved a seat for the late Princess Diana during the wedding ceremony. I bet she's watching them from the heaven.


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