Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Job Interview Tips

I have searched for a number of going-for-an-interview tips from the internet. None of them seemed useful though except for one. Rest assured, I will try to give out my own tips for you. I even found tips which are hilarious and full of wth-ness. Not going to publish it here. World peace!

Ok. The one and only website which I think are really useful are (Lulus) Tips Temuduga Kerajaan and (Bongkar) Soalan Lazim Temuduga Kerajaan.

Do visit the websites mentioned above if you're going for an interview!

These are some job interview tips from me. Tada! Can be applied when you're going for a Government job interview or any job interviews.

  1. Do some research about the job that you will be interviewed in. (Job duties, description, salary etc.)
  2. Do some research about their company. (Directors' names, divisions, function etc.)
  3. Read the newspapers. (Local news, world news etc.)
  4. Memorize the names of our Agong, PM, TYT and etc. (It helps when you know who are your orang kuat in the Ministry. If you're lucky, they won't even bother to ask you the names. No worries.)
  5. Dress accordingly. (Formal attire is recommended the most )
  6. Arrive early (20 or 30 minutes) at the place where the interview will be conducted. (You will never know what other problems might occur. Traffic jam, lost and etc.)
  7. Be confident and try to be yourself (Do not try to become another person. Just relax! If that job is meant for you, it IS meant for you)
  8. Give the interviewers FIRM answers (No need to elaborate too much or else people will get bored)
  9. Smile! :)

Voila! That is all from me. GOOD LUCK!

P/S: Tips given are based on my own experience! Good news. I've got the job! Thank you Lord.


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