Sunday, July 3, 2011


Kiko is missing. I prefer to use the word 'missing' instead of dead. Maybe someone took her. I just hope that she's in a place where enough care is provided. We miss you a lot Kiko.

Tiger is also missing. Well, it's hard to make an adult cat to adapt in a new home right. That's why she ran away too. Poor Tiger. I wonder where she is now.

Ok. That's the bad news. Now we move on to the good news.

Our Cotton gave birth to FIVE beautiful kittens on 23rd June! We are not sure of their genders yet. 4 of them are 3-coloured fur and 1 is grey in colour. It's so exciting to watch them grow up day to day. Their behavior and cuteness is so darn adorable. Behavior? Macam memerhatikan kelakuan ikan lah pula. Hahaha. That's what we did when we were conducting experiment for our Final Year Project.

The 5 of them. Day 9.
I really hope that all 5 of them will grow up to be healthy and happy cats. I wish they will bring joy, happiness and company to Darryl's mum. Oh ya. She gave them very funny names. Gaga, Beyonce, Grey, Zorro & Kiko. We decided to name one after Kiko :) Darryl wanted to name Grey as Cikelabu.

That's Cotton the young mother giving milk to the kittens
Even though we've lost 2 of our cats. Our one and only cat gave birth to 5 new ones.

P/S: Yeah. I know. No all-orange fur kitten like the mother. Haha


BibiEr Karim said...

Oh God!!! Adorable!!! Can I.gigit & gomol them? Last time I hold kittens in my arms was in 2007. My snobbish princess gave birth on Deepavali lg tu. But only 1 yg stayed with us till nw. The biggest lg tu. 2 went missing & 1 died last 2years. Sakit jiwa when the bubbliest left us.

FifieJay said...

Hihi. Kiut gila kan dorg. Dipersilakan :) Woah. Lama suda oh 2007. Huhu. Hope all of them alive sampai tua oh.

NiftyAeon said...

i remember when my cat renjy left home juga... huhuhu T-T i prefer saying that he's missing instead of dead... i still hope he comes back. buruk kan? lol

i have 3 cats littering at home lol Simba, Reno and Bayonetta (it wasn't me who named her. i call her baby). I love cats! >.<!! yours is so adorable!! i wish i could 'culik' one but my mom will definitely kill me if i add one more cat lol ^^;;

FifieJay said...

Culik ja bah Fion! Haha

NiftyAeon said...

huhuhu sa culik nanti trus mem sa malatup. matila sa >.<!

FifieJay said...

mm. wat about puppies?

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