Sunday, July 3, 2011

What to blog about?

I am officially jobless! And I am so happy. Why should you be happy for being jobless? It's because in 7 days time, I will have a new job! That is why I am happy. Hahaha. *sarcastic*

I want to take this opportunity to thank my ex-colleagues and ex-bosses for giving me the chance to serve your humble company for 9 months. It has been a wonderful 9 months working under your company. You guys have taught me a lot. Working as an Admin/ Operation Assistant is not bad at all. You really start from zero. I am not ashamed to admit that I've worked as an Admin even I am over-qualified for that job. Degree holder in Fisheries? Admin for a construction company? So what. At least I have a job. At least I'm not the one wasting time and energy waiting for THE perfect job.

Fellow newly graduates, please don't expect too much when you're out there looking for a perfect first job. If you've found one in such a short time, you're lucky and I hereby congratulate you. I tell you, not everyone is that lucky. It just depends how capable you are in finding a job. Maybe that job is the job you have to take before getting another better job? Who knows? I'm saying this because I've been through it. What do I get from it? An experience that one can only get when he/she is up to that challenge.

I'm thankful for I've been blessed with the ability to be brave, confident and most of all not afraid of getting scold for doing something wrong. We are not perfect. So, just do whatever you feel is right (follow your heart sometimes) and if it's wrong, never mind because next time you can improve more. Afraid of getting scold? Bagus kamu pergi duduk diam-diam lah sana siring jalan.

I've been waiting for this new job ever since I've graduated October last year. I've applied for it the same month I've graduated. I've been short-listed for an interview in April this year. They were 22 of us. Can you imagine that the number of vacancies for this job is only 9! The result only came out in June. I was so excited when they've called me up to inform me that I've been selected as one of the successful 9 candidates. At last, after 9 months of waiting (while working), I've finally got the job that I've been waiting for. Actually, I am also over-qualified for this job as well but it doesn't really matter at all. Step-by-step. This job might be the job that will promote me to a higher level in the future. I am going to work my *ss off and one day I shall become a Director. Punya lah besar cita-cita ini perempuan. I hope I can reach that level. Well, my mum is a Principal. And my dad is the Head of his department. It's their fault that I wanted to be a boss someday. Hahaha :D

One more good news is something BIG is coming up this year!! I mean, urm, at the end of this month! I am definitely going to love the month of September this year too!!

You want to know what's my new job going to be? Stay tuned! Hah. *suspense mah*


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