Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who is your YouTube Hair Guru?

Mine is none other than lilithedarkmoon !! She is very pretty and I adore her accent. She have this gorgeous blonde hair that I know that will never suit me well because of my tan skin colour.

For those of you who have already known her, all her tutorials are very quick and easy to learn right?

Don't believe me? Ok. Let's watch 1 of my favourite tutorial from her which is called the 'waterfall braid hairstyle' :)

Now all of us can have different hairstyles each day to wear to work, classes and etc.

Those of you can visit her channel at YouTube to find out more about her and her hairstyles.

Good luck!


Serena Allysha said...

Lilith lg nama dia tu. Nama one of the biggest satan tu. Try u google. LOL

SteffianaJ said...

Astagaaaaa.. I didn't know. Wahahaha

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