Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Should We Exercise

Flabby arms are what women always complaint about. Including me. Last time, when I used to be a school athlete, I have no problem with my arms. I represented my school in shot-putt (that was the first time I met Mr. D) and also discus throw.

As years goes by, I became lazy. I seldom work my body out. I didn't involved myself much in sports. I still do sit-ups but only few times in a week. I only go for a jog when my friend brings me. Plus, eating burgers for dinner every night is usual for me. I gained 10kg in a year.

After gaining 10 kg, it was a wake up call for me. Luckily for me I stand at 5' 5" , so I didn't look fat. Chubby cheeks, quite big ass and breast (blame the fats). What surprises me was my waist maintained just like that. Maybe because of those few sit-ups exercises that I've been doing 3-4 times a week. Or maybe it's because of my younger age, those fats didn't prefer to stay at my waist but other body parts. *smirk*


For another year, I control what I eat and did few exercises but like people say, it's easy to gain weight but to lose that weight, it's a pain in the ass. I chose not to do pain in the ass exercises, I just exercise when I feel like doing it. Running up the hill (way to my house is going uphill), jogging with my brother and I even bought few exercise CDs. Here I can tell you, it is hard to discipline yourself with food and also exercise. My intention to lose weight comes and goes. I didn't give 100% at all but that willpower is still there.

After another year, I managed to lose 4 kg (what? It takes you 2 years to shed off 4 damn kilos?) *laughs*


Then, tada! Magically I lost another 6 kg around 2010 because of my problems in life. What problems? Any you can name it problems that makes me lose my appetite problems :) I know that's not a healthy way to lose weight and I AM NOT ENCOURAGING YOU TO DO IT. In 4 days, I lost 4 kg. I didn't eat at all. I drink only plain water. Thank you Macy for being there for me. BMI was still in normal condition though, don't worry.

Long story short, the day I realized that my body was like a walking zombie, I started to eat normally. And slowly I gained 4 kg. I kept myself busy for the whole year.

(Sorry I cannot find my walking zombie photo :P)

However, when I joined Unduk Ngadau, I felt like I should reduce my weight. So, I decided to go with low carb diet. Means, no rice and meat for me. I managed to lose 3 kg in perhaps, 6 months? Exercises such as sit-ups and jogging helped me too in reducing my weight.


That perfect weight of mine was successfully maintained by me until I started working at my current company now. *screams*

In just 1 month, I gained 4 kg. OMG! Blame those 1 week Kursus Induksi which provided 4 meals a day to us. Rice, meat and other to-die-for food. I skipped dinner at home because my stomach is already so full. I know at this point you can imagine that my weight is like riding a roller coaster in Genting Highlands. Hihihaha. My body type is the type that when I consumed a lot of food, my weight will definitely shoots up but when I reduce my food intake, it will eventually goes down fast too.

After 4 kg
(sorry can't find half-body picture)

I told myself to stop increasing my weight. 4 kg is enough!

Currently, I am back with my no rice and no meat diet and did my exercise frequently too. I lost 2 kg after 1 month. Now I still have 2 more kilograms to go! Yeehaaa~ I don't want to lose more than that or else I will look too thin. Too thin is not pretty to me. As long as I'm not under or overweight,  I will be more than happy.

To date: Lost 2 kg

Oh I almost forgot. Flabby arms! That's actually my main topic for this post. Aiya.

Here you go, I wanted to share with you a video from Youtube on how to tone those flabby arms! I've just started doing this exercise yesterday. So let's see the results after 1 month.

There are a lot of other videos as well. You can always search for them yourself. Maybe you can share any good arms toning exercise video to me?

P/S: Why should we exercise? To lose weight by starving yourself will make you look like a zombie. In other words, lose weight by exercising and controlling your food intake. You will look damn good! Better than a zombie. Hihihaha. I have experienced it before. That's why I know T_T


stevejjm said...

i nvr thought u looked fat for the last 5 years though. but u know the sayings, ppl know their own body more than others haha~

SteffianaJ said...

thanks to my height :) btw, i should have that eat-a-lot-of-food-but-body-still-not-gaining-weight gene of yours too. but only you inherit that gene. eeee. *frustrated*

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