Friday, October 28, 2011

Wattpad. My Current Addiction

Wattpad. Wattpad. WATTPAD!

In case that you don't have any idea what Wattpad is here's the link for you. If you like reading, that's the no. 1 application that you should have installed in your iPhone, Android phone/tab or any other phones. You can read it from you computer too but I prefer phone so I can read anywhere I want include while lying down on my bed. It's more convenient, don't you think so?

Before this, I didn't have to charge my phone everyday but now I had to bring my cable with me to charge my phone using my laptop at the office. There are varieties of stories that you can choose from there. Romance, adventure, science fiction, mystery, fantasy and etc. You just name it yourself. Make sure you are reading those completed stories alright. If not, you will find yourself desperate in waiting the author to upload the next chapters of that story. I didn't know that at first and I find it so stressful to wait. It kills to be damn curious about what about to happen in the next chapter. Just search under 'completed' categories and you are on your way to be free-from-stress reader. Hahahahah :D Sorry, I can't help it.

I am feeling that now my writing is influenced by those stories which I've been reading. Sigh. At least I'm improving a little. Agree?

So, want to know what's the 1st story I read on Wattpad? It's a romance story. Something about the love between an immortal and a fallen angel. Hihi. It's called Cupid's Granddaughter written by GermanSam or Samantha. I was amazed on how she can nailed that story. Wonderful imagination.

Currently I'm reading The Replacement Girlfriend, Roman Roomate and The New Guy. These 3 stories are not completed yet and it's killing me to wait. Argh! There are so many young talented writers out there and I wished I could be one of them. Maybe in the future :)

Happy reading! Do let me know if any of you have any other interesting stories from Wattpad to share with me so I can read them too :)

P/S: I would like to thank Ms. Serena and Ms. Donna once again for dragging me to this healthy addiction. Group hug!



Serena Allysha said...

No more wasting money on books kan. Hahahaha!

SteffianaJ said...

Yeap! It's so freeeeeee~~

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