Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 1st Post in 2012

Yay! Hooray! It's the year 2012! Thank God for I am still alive until this day. And a few weeks time it will be the Dragon year in Chinese calendar. I was born in the year of the Dragon. What about you?

Quick updates from me.
1. Today is my last day of holiday.
2. Will officially start my 1st day of work in 2012 tomorrow.
3. Is so excited because this year I will be having my big day. Stay tuned for when is the exact date. Might be posting some stuff here and there to ask for opinions from you.
4. Suffering from this Vertigo. It's been 3 days. Saw a video from Youtube in how to cure them. Tried it just now and for now I'm all good.
5. Missing Zumba classes so badly. Not sure when will my class be starting this year. Have to ask my colleague tomorrow.
6. Gained a few kilograms and I am blaming my fiance for this. Hahahaha :D Let's lose those extra weight in order to look good in pictures ok mister.

Alright. That's all from me for tonight. Good night!


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