Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fish Head Noodle, Wisma Merdeka

Kon Lau Mee with Fish Soup (Milk)
The soup was nice. The noodles were a bit dry. What I did was, I poured a bit of soup to the noodles to make it not too dry. I always do that when eating Kon Lau Mee. I love to eat this kind of soup. You can get it at Restoran Atong in Donggongon, Penampang too.

Kui Tiaw with Ham Choi Soup
Marcie ordered this one. Last time I went here, I ate this one. The taste was not bad at all. Tasted like Ham Choi Soup :D

The place can be found at 6th Floor of Wisma Merdeka. During lunch hours, especially Friday, always packed with customers. Go and try it! :D


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@SCR hehehe. pigi la mkn sn bisuk :D shedapppp

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