Friday, February 10, 2012

Secret Recipe, Suria Sabah

Went out with my 2 beautiful best friends, Intan & Macy last Monday. It's been a while since the 3 of us last met. We decided to hangout at Suria Sabah.

We had brunch at Secret Recipe which is located at 2nd Floor. At first we went to One Station but after they informed us they don't have mushroom soup at the moment, we decided to go here instead. Both of these food outlets were just next to each other with a shop in between. Forgot what shop was it. Nvm.

Brownies Walnut with Vanilla Ice Cream - RM 8.50
Intan ordered this because she had eaten at home so this was her dessert.

Grilled Black Pepper Chicken RM15.00
Macy ordered this one.
Laksa Sarawak RM 17.50
Price is quite expensive. Loved it! The soup tasted very good.

Chocolate Indulgence RM 7.00
One word: Yum-meh!

I was so full after finishing my laksa, so I asked them to tapau it. I ate it at home and memang tidak ada rupa kek sudah. Hihihaha. Lepas makan pergi shopping kan. Imagine la macamana kena bawa jalan itu kek.

While eating my laksa, I saw something in it. Ta-da!
Look what I have found!

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