Saturday, February 4, 2012

What A Day

This beautiful morning Marcie and I went to an exam together. I woke up late so the plan to have breakfast at Pipin's have to be cancelled. So, Plan B was Damai for breakfast.

Then, we went to Damai (again) for lunch at Upperstar.

As usual, it is quite hard to find a parking space there. What happened was some a**hole with his a**-Ninja car took an available parking space where we were the ones who saw it first. So what if you have big car! I swear if I was driving my dad's Mazda Fighter at that moment I will knock you down for sure and come let's go to the police station and you will definitely be f*cked up.

Using his a**hole brain he took that space by entering from the opposite way. By right, that space was supposed to be mine. That fucking road is a ONE-WAY road you a**hole.

Luckily I was in a good mood today, so I just let him go. Let that a**hole, his a**hole wife and also his a**hole still young son. I am saving your face by not telling you how wrong you are in front of your wife and kid! I am really doing you a favour. *sigh*

After making a few rounds around the car park (while cursing in the car with Marcie), we finally found one. Thank you God for Your blessing even though we have cursed.

When we went into Upperstar, the place was full with customers but we managed to find a spot for us. The waiter took our orders and I was impressed with the service today as my order arrived in a very short time.

My Fish and Chips RM12.95
Tasted as usual like what it tasted like because I always order this one. Sometimes the size of the fish fillet they give is small but sometimes bigger. Today they gave big ones to me. Didn't really like the coleslaw because not enough mayonnaise bah. I like my coleslaw with lots of mayo bah! The chips was so-so. Not even crunchy and not even golden yellow too. I can fry better than that.

Marcie's Panne Chicken arrived 5 minutes later and I was so darn hungry I forgot to take a picture of her food :P All I can tell you was it tasted so good. Better than my mine! And the price is only RM6.95.

We ordered Iced Lemon Tea for drinks. That drink really quenched the thirst away. Awesomely sour and not too sweet just right for my taste. Yummy!

Alright, back to that stupid son of a b*tch.

What I want to say is, f*ck you inconsiderate people. I hope one day when you do that, in that process someone will knock your car down and hit you big time. Lucky you I was in a good mood today. I am not one who is usually very patient when someone took a parking space in that way. I do believe in Karma.

P/S: Sorry for my improper words. I am just mad when people do stuff like that especially on the road. Don't you? Please don't tell me it is okay for other people to that kind of things towards you.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

bikin panas oh kan kalau tiba2 org pigi rebut parking tu..

Ashley Alexandra said...

Oh, I know how you feel. Kena rebut parking always happens to me. Extremely annoying when you waited for hours for that free lot, tp org yg baru dtg yg dpt tu parking. And big cars pun suka m'buli di jln raya skrg. KK ni makin byk big cars o kan?

NiftyAeon said...

sa slalu kana rebut parking =.='' adaka saya ini senang dibuli? this always happened to me at donggongon. kiin panas ni =A=

Steffiana J said...

@SCR mmg pn bikin pns. mcm mau tmbak ja tu org kan. hihi

@AA uinah. itu lg annoying sudah tnggu berjam-jam. i noticed that big cars mmg suka membuli d jln when i drove my friend's kancil last time. i didn't care i just honk them :D

@NA slalu kena? woah. mmg bsr la dugaan ko cr parking ni kan fion. d dongs lg tu. so far d dongs sa mcm blm prnh kena rebut la. usually d area kk nopo.

drelz said... kawan marah2...isteady high blood susah juga kan...pastu nanti banyak jerawat...tambah stress...hahah..ok bye.(nanti sy lagi kena marah)

Steffiana J said...

@drelz eh ehhh. hai hubby! *malu* cool suda bah. hihihaha. nti bnyk jrwt, sa jg yg cmplain sm hby kan :D

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