Sunday, June 24, 2012


At **** ***y,  Megalong Shopping Complex buying waffle.

Me: Boleh 2 flavours bah kan?
Cashier: Ya.
Me: Bagi chocolate & margerine la.
Cashier: Ok. 1 saja?
Me: Eh tukar la. Chocolate & Butter. Ya. 1 saja.
Cashier: RM2.50
Me: (Took out 3 new RM1 notes) Wah baru semua duit RM1 sa ni tau.
Cashier: (smiles)
Me: (Waiting for the cashier to return change but she didn't.)

Looked at their price list for waffle and was 100% sure that it IS RM2.50

Asked Elron how much did he pay for his waffle just now. RM2.50

Laura once again double-checked the price for waffle. RM2.50

Demi 50 sen bah. HAHAHA

*After 1 minute*

Laura: Siap sudah waffle ko Stef.

Me: (Took my waffle from the cashier). Berapa harga ni waffle?
Cashier: RM2.50
Me: Sa bagi RM3 sm ko td.
Cashier: Oh ya ka. Sorry, sa lupa. (smiles, took 50 cents from the cash register and gave it to me). Sorry ahhhh.
Me: It's ok. (friendly + sarcastic smile)

Arrived home, tweeted about it and found out another friend's cousin pun kena begitu juga di tempat yang sama.

Conclusion? Go figure.

P/S: One word. Karma.


Sabrina Iyna said...

ni mesti mo menipu duit org ni..kalo 50sen x 10,rm5 suda tu cashier pa tu cashier? hee..

Steffiana J said...

sabrina, kalau rm5 per day, 1 bln suda mau rm150 jg kan. haiz. xtau oh. sa x perasan org apa. hihi :)

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