Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top 10 Rude Malaysian Habits

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The 'Ugly Malaysian' label remains stuck, no thanks to rudeness and selfish behaviour among many of us. Inconsiderate and aggressive drivers remain a bane on the roads along with those who dirty toilets, ignore no-smoking, no-eating and no-littering signs and don't bother to practise common courtesies.

#1 Rude and unsafe driving such as changing lanes without indicating, tailgating and honking impatiently.

I dislike when other drivers change lanes without indicating. Is it that hard to flick that beautiful fingers of yours or are you just an ignorant brat?

Tailgating people like there's no tomorrow huh? One day if I had the chance I really want to step on the brake and see how fast can you react to that.

Honk only when necessary. #Likeaboss

#2 Not obeying signboards - eating in LRT, lighting a cigarette in non-smoking areas, littering, parking in no-parking zones.

Sabah don't have LRT, so maybe in the future.


#3 Snatching a parking lot while someone else is waiting for it.

You like it when other people snatch your parking lot while you're clearly waiting for it? Once, I nearly shout at this guy for snatching a parking lot from me but thankfully he read my face and he quickly got out to give way to me. Garang bah muka sa ni kali kan? Hohoho.

#4 Malaysians not giving up seats for pregnant women and elderly people.

Get up and give up your seat for pregnant women and elderly people. You will feel amazing afterwards. Trust me. I did it once when I was holidaying in Singapore. Gave up my seat to a popo. If I can, why you cannot?

#5 Not allowing passengers out of public transportation like train and buses before entering.

Always bear in mind to allow other people to come out from the train/bus or even elevators before entering.

#6 Talking loudly on their cellphones in public spaces like the cinema.

Why people? Get out from the cinema if you really have to answer that bloody phone call.

#7 Not holding open doors or elevator doors for people after them.

Make a habit to hold the doors for people after you. I always do that and it's easy as ABC. Talking about doors, I have another habit which is reading the signs 'push' and 'pull' at doors. It irritates me when people pushed the door open ignoring the 'pull' sign.

#8 Not saying "thank you" when someone does something nice for you.

Say 'thank you' and look them in the eyes when thanking them. Learn to appreciate! And smile while you're thanking them. Smiling will make you look 10 years younger.

#9 Inconsiderate practices eg. leaving shopping trolleys in the parking lot, squatting on toilet bowls/dirtying public toilets.

That is why Giant made their trolleys with RM1 coin rent.

I don't understand why you want to squat on toilet seats. That seat is there for you to sit, not squat or whatsoever. Or maybe you are afraid of monsters coming out from that toilet bowl and that is the reason why you squat?

Flush after using the toilet. Is that really hard? You do flush at home right? Make use of the public toilet like you use your toilet at home la bah.

#10 Being late.

Let's be punctual at all times. This is going to be my new resolution.

P/S: Let's make everyday Be Nice to Strangers Day. An idea by JJ & Ian from Hitz.FM :)


ONN said...

Crita trolley tu yg paling ngam! Bikin samak parking lot seja!

Steffiana J said...

Malas mau kasi balik itu troli kan. Hahahaha. Sa mau kasi balik troli suda ni kalau p shopping sn CKS. Atau x pyh la pakai troli. Angkat saja.

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