Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Masterpiece by Yvonne Lim

My family have and will always be a sporting family. No, it doesn't mean I'm good at it although my dad and my brothers are very good at it, it just means that my whole family bond over sports. We would watch all things sports including the ones we've never heard of like curling when the winter olympics are on or even rowing if that's the only thing on tv.

However, tonight, the whole of Malaysia was united for 79 minutes when Datuk Lee Chong Wei stepped on the courts. He carried the weight of 28 million Malaysian on his shoulders. 28 million people who are aware that this might be the best chance we have to obtain the elusive GOLD MEDAL. SO MUCH HOPE AND DREAMS ON those muscular shoulders. To prove it, look at all the headlines of today's paper!! Huge picture of him and Lin Dan.

For 79 minutes, both players shown heart, strength, dreams, guts and just crazy skills!! Point for point, no one was willing to budge. Luck played a part as well as the ability to handle pressure. Yet, at the end of the day, despite the allegiance, credit has to be given to the winner. To the one who handled the big points better. If I was there, I would have given both players a huge standing ovation.

But the harsh reality of life is this, WINNERS are ALWAYS remembered and the ones who LOSE are ALWAYS forgotten. 10 to 15 years in the future, no one would remember how well LCW battled. The only thing that would be brought up is the fact that he lost. Not HOW he lost it. It's harsh but the world we live in is one of statistics. The one where the end matters and the means doesn't. He is probably going to be one of Malaysian's best National Hero and spokesperson but statistics will say that he has not won any BIG Major titles like the World Championship or the Olympics. 

It got me thinking about God. About how I'm so blessed god sees the journey/means and not the end. He doesn't punish me when I sin but he sees me trying to be sin free. He sees the humanity in me, the flaws and the sins and still chooses to love me like a sinless lamb. He chose to send His son so that you and I can have direct contact with Him. How blessed do I feel that my life and salvation is not determined by the number of my sins or the good deeds I've done but by me wanting to know, love and serve Him! 

What's the point of this note you would ask? Well, for one, I am still very sad about the lost. Not because he lost, but because he thought he disappointed the whole of Malaysia by losing and even tweeted an APOLOGY. I remember the first time I saw LCW played. He was still in his late teens and my dad commented "This guy would never win because he has no confidence". At that time, I guess LCW was still in the process of discovering himself that he portrayed a 'kampung' boy who show very little self confidence, looking down at the floor even as he walked into the stadium. 

But it wasn't self confidence that he was lacking, it was humilty that he was portraying. Never one to be cocky or arrogant, LCW is one who exudes confidence from within. Silent yet potent, he never allows for others be it the media or the public to define the person that he is. Now, I don't know him personally and all these are just obeservations of someone who have watched him really grow into the person that he is today. More like a perception from a supporter and fellow Malaysian.

Yet, often times we are too quick too judge whenever we see the word lose. Even worse when it's against China. Perceptions and stigma such as he's uncapable or scared just pops up. When he's withdraws because of injury, people start saying it's all a gimmick because he's afraid he'll lose. When he does win the occasional one or two, all he gets is a few congratulations and a lot of LUCKY sentiments. But never once have I read about him imploding to the media. Never once shown his frustration and blame others for anything. It's as though we pile the hopes on him, if he win, we congratulate and want to affiliate ourself with him. If he lose, we show him our disappointment. After he lost this olympics finals, he tweeted 2 words. 'I'm SORRY' 

I don't know about you but reading his apology spurred me to write this. It spurred me to rethink how I used to be so quick to criticize without realizing that I probably won't be able to acheive 5% of his successes. Of how a hero like him should not and DOES NOT have to feel like he has disappointed ME! What I saw in him was God. I saw a selfless man who wanted to win not for himself but for the rest of the country. I've often told others that I'm proud to be Sabahan but have yet found a good reason to be proud of being Malaysian. Tonight, I saw the reason for it. Because of you, the way you played, the person you are, I'm proud to be Malaysian Datuk Lee Chong Wei. I saw God in you!

P.S. None of the remarks I made is meant to judge others. It's just something I've observed and experience. I'm the first to admit, I was also one of those who have made such statements in the past.

P.S. 2 I wonder how China trains their athletes to handle pressure so well. I wonder if the play each sports with a gun to their head so they learn to execute EVERYTHING so wonderfully and close to perfect!!

P.S 3 Sabahan would enjoy this.. I thought it was hilarious!! 

Source: Yvonne Lim - I Saw God in Datuk Lee Chong Wei


Meitzeu said...

He is a malaysian hero!!

Steffiana J said...

He is indeed!

Mimie said...

I know for sure I won't remember that LCW lost. I will remember how the whole nation response to his game forever. It was sight to remember.

Steffiana J said...

True Malaysian Legend!

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