Thursday, November 22, 2012

Choir Team Jabatan Perikanan Sabah

This year's Hari Peladang Penternak Nelayan Sabah (HPPNS), we were given the opportunity to perform 3 songs namely Theme Song of HPPNS, 1 Malaysia and Janji Ditepati.

It seems just like yesterday when I was on duty as one of the AJK for the VVIP group in last year's HPPNS. During the opening ceremony, choir team from MAFI performed and Pn. Anita asked me to join the choir team next year as one of the representative from our department. I said perhaps I could try but I did not really hope that it can happen.

Long story short, this year, our own Director proposed to our MAFI Minister to let Jabatan Perikanan Sabah to perform choir in this year's HPPNS. At first, when they told me the news, I was extremely happy but then I thought that it will be impossible to perform as most of my choir members are busy doing preparation for HPPNS.

However, based on my 5 years of experience for involving in the school choir and a Grade 5 in organ lesson, I managed to form a new team consist of 2 new members.

I am so proud of them! 13 choir members consist of Terence, Zainudin, Malai, Jeffrey, Nelsey, Nancy, Haineh, Jeniffer, Precela, Helena, Zauyah, Nesmaly and Roshma. All of them did very well with only 4 days of practice. I am so glad that we managed to work together as a team and performed our very best.

Our performance during the opening ceremony went perfectly well. However, due to few technical problems during closing ceremony, our performance was not as good as opening ceremony. What to do. Things just happened.

I have recorded our performance during opening ceremony and closing ceremony using an audio recorder . 

If you would like to listen to them, here are the links:

Sorry for the low quality : )

Please bear in mind that my choir was trained only in FOUR (4) DAYS. The voicing might be here and there but at least we tried. All of us were not professional singers and does not have any vocal training background. I trained them by using my little knowledge in vocal and music during highschool.


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