Friday, January 16, 2015

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Hi! If you haven't noticed, I recently started working from my maternity leave. And now I am searching for nice dresses to wear to work. What kind of dress should I wear? Oh so many choices and designs!

Let's have a look at these dresses shall we?

Dress Style No. 1

After graduating from college, any women will start to find jobs which suit their interest and build a successful career from it. Instead of loving the job, it is also crucial for women to climb up the ladder with style. Dresses are one of the best choices of apparel to wear to work looking fashionable yet still very professional. For the ladies who do not know the suitable dresses which will work to shine your way, there are three examples of dresses that can do the trick. Women who want to show off their curves can opt to wear the bodycon dresses at work. Bodycon dresses can definitely show off a woman’s feminine yet sophisticated character in front of everyone. Women will feel sexy and confident in their own skin.

I am looking forward to wear this type of dress after shedding a few more pounds I had gained during my pregnancy. Weehoo!

Dress Style No. 2

The next type of dress perfect to flaunt at work are the A-cut dresses. This dress has a flare type bottom which allows you to show off your legs for a slim look. Besides that, the A flare cut dress for women can bring out a laid back yet a poise appearance. Match it with a nice pair of high heels and jewelry for a complete look. If you are rushing to a meeting or business appointment, perk up the A-line dresses with pretty blazers. Those who are opting for a professional look, this style will perfectly suits you!

Dress Style No. 3

The third dress for women is two piece clothing which are a blouse top and pencil skirt. Choose this look especially if you want to have fun creating various fashion appearances at work. Women can pull together different patterns of skirts or blouses to match in their own personal way. Or perhaps we usually refer this style as secretary style? Hehehe.

Interested ladies can grab these new dresses by checking them out at ZALORA Malaysia’s website. ZALORA offers an extensive selection of dresses for women online from various local and international brands. 



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