Friday, July 2, 2010

Reunion 5A&5C at Upperstar Damai

Hello hello hello and welcome to
'Our Reunion'

*Drum roll*

Sorry for last minute information and we are looking forward to another reunion party which will be announced soon. 20 orang ja kami ni. Huhu. Tsk..tsk..

However all of us had fun though :P
Sempat tingu England vs Germany lagi tu. Hoho

Before we proceed, let us all go back to Reunion 2007.

Place: Upperstar Damai
Date: 27 June 2010
Time: 7.30pm

Presenting.. Edgar.. The photographer of the night :)

Jo-Anna & Serena

Luke & myself

Oh I like this one~ Shows the happy me :)

Germaine & Marcie

No comment =_=" and yes both of them are not drunk during this time *sigh* Haha~

The girls

Sitting: Ellida, Jo-Anna, Serena & Samantha
Standing: Marcella, Majoree, Chresentia, myself, Germaine, Melissa & Marcie

The boys

Sitting: Edgar, Francis, Luke & Gregg
Standing: Craig, Jessu, Greg

Myself & Serena

Greg & Melissa

Gregg & myself

Bayar time!

For more pictures of us please don't malu-malu go to Edgar's photo album here


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