Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bye long hair.

Today, after work, I went to e-Noveal to remove my long hair. What?! What long hair? My hair extension bah. Hee. Yes. My hair was magically long because of this technology and no I didn't eat any 'baja' to make the hair super long :) Read my previous post here, if you don't know what I am talking about right now.

FYI, your hair will still break whether you asked them to use 'tali' to tie the hair extension to your hair. From what I have known after I had my hair extension on me, they are 2 ways or I can say a LOT of ways the hair extension can be tied, using clips or 'tali' or you can refer to this website or you can google it for yourself.

Mine? They used clips. And I would like to inform you that tidak kira apa cara pun itu rambut kena kasi sambung, memang ada juga rambut ko akan putus sbb kena braid kan.

Well, we all girls know that whatever we did to our hair, confirm ada side effect punya. Dye ka, keriting ka, rebonding ka and etc.. So, advice to my friends out there who wanted to do hair extension, ready ja la ar banyak rambut putus.. Huhu.. Mcm sa td, sikit lg mau nangis.. Tapi apa boleh buat, siapa suruh minta puji mau buat hair extension.


BibiEr Karim said...

I used to have long straight black shining hair. Wah punya main exaggerating! Then I also used to love curling my hair. Nah skrg ada rupa2 om di psr sdh ni rmbt. Nasib I wear scarf jd sndr2 sija emo.

Steffy said...

tat's y. watver we did to our hair, we must kc treatment it back. muahaha. rajin2 kan la diri men-treatment rmbut ya. suda la sa pemalas gila. mau p salun, mahal. mau beli DIY, malas :D jeng3

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