Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kiko: Our Naughty Cat

Remember this new friend? That's Kiko. Thanks to Mama for naming her. We just call her Miaw. According to Mr. D, Kiko is not a suitable name for her because she is a super naughty-crazy cat. Haha. Sometimes, I also call her Galangas (which means stubborn in Kadazan). So basically, our new member of the family have plenty of names.

Kiko have been growing bigger for the pass 3 weeks. We fed her with Whiskas for Kitten - wet food (can find them at the supermarket). The ones that have been advertised in the tv nowadays. Just RM1.39 per sachet. Hoho. Everyday, she ate 1-2 sachets of it. Also we gave her Whiskas for Kitten - biscuit. From a stray/ very skinny kitty, Kiko blossomed into a very healthy/ cute kitty. We even bought her toys & collar which comes with a bell!

It's so hard to snap a picture of her. She keeps running around here and there. Never sits still! A very hyperactive kitty indeed. Usually, after you have fed a cat, that cat will lie down and rest. But, for Kiko, after finish eating, she will continue to play around like crazy. She likes to play hide-and-seek too. Haha. After she's tired of playing, then she will lie down next to you and fell asleep.

Kiko with Mr. D *sigh*

Here is a video of Kiko.

Kiko is a very special kitty. We love her so much. She brings joy and laughter to the family. Especially to Mama. Continue making us laugh with your silly actions Kiko. *She even likes to bite handphones, same like Mr. D's cat last time, Ketod*

Thank you God for Kiko :D Even though she doesn't lives with me (it's not safe for a cat to live under my roof, my dogs are very 'friendly'), she's in the hands of Mr. D who will take good care of her.


BibiEr Karim said...

Is that the kitten yg u found under the car last time? Adui so cute. 2 of my cats pun ex-stray cats. Hahaha. 1 jmpa near corridor at my ex-office & named her Corridor. Another 1 jmpa sna cafe library ums, & named him Cafe. Indeed their bring joy & laughter. Lucu bah perangai dorg. Can't help klu dorg start minta puji.

Steffy said...

astaga. budu kau. sama style kita eh. last time, ada 1 ekor we jmpa under our proton wira time baru abis mkn d kdai mkn, we named her wira. yeap. they are so funny kan. naughty but yet always adorable :)

Nina Manson said...

Wuaaahhh.. she is so kicik!

Steffy said...

mi preciosa :D

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