Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ladies, please check your purse.

This post is continued from the previous post alright.

I went into a beauty shop in Wisma Merdeka, the main purpose is to only buy their lip gloss. Instead, I added a nail polish & an eyeliner in the list, thinking that I have enough money to buy all 3 items. I didn't realize that I was short of RM2. I thought I had a RM50 notes in my purse. Yeah. How silly of me. I forgot that I've used it to pay for the Za Toner at Guardian. Luckily mum was around the corner at that time. Fuh! Have to leave that shop for about 2 minutes to search for her. Moreover, I was their only customer in the shop. If not, it will be much more embarrassing to me. I just smiled at them and act cool during that silly moment. Steady ko Stef! How silly can I be. Last time it happened once in Wisma Merdeka too but Mr. D saved the day. No more next time. Enough liao. Gini la bah kalau x pandai jara kan? Sendiri mau tau lah~


beaty said...

Thanks GOD, ada ur mum d sana...


Here's my story. It was 3-4 years ago. I when to servay penampang to buy some groceries. Alone!! I was so sure that my wallet is in my everyday bag. So, dengan megahnya sy ambil2 brg. After that, sy mau pigi membayar la ni. Teng-teng-teng. Di situ la sy kuyak. as we all know, servay penampang kan byk org. Darn it.

I told the cashier that I will be back. tp actually sy tdk blk.

U must be curious mana wallet sy kan? my wallet d satu bag lg. sy pakai the night before this incident happened. I wore diff bag bcse sy p club. takkan la mau bw bag bsr2 p club kan.

bikin malu juga la. but its funny what.

susa juga klu tukar2 bag ni. hahaha

FifieJay said...

@beaty: nasib ada mum sa kan. actually sa lupa ni yg sa blh jg swipe tu rhb debit card/ cimb atm card sa ja bah d counter dorg tu. lol :D

@ser: smtimes sa mmg ada habit mau double-check if ada purse dlm bag jg. but kdng terlupa bah cek ni. akaka. atukoi. brp bnyk brng yg ko beli tu? huahua. i x tink tu cashier tnggu ko jg tu. maybe a lot of ppl uda yg kna like dat. bahahaha. mmg funny oh kan.


apa ble buat la if she tunggu. sy mls sdh mau blk sana. kogutan lg tu time. hahahaha

FifieJay said...

@ser: kogutan ar. haha. pduli la tu.

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