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Escape Earth 2012

I find it hilarious! How about you? I never thought something like this would come up.
Book tickets now for yourself, family, and friends to ensure safe passage to the new world.
The world as we know it will end December 21, 2012! Luckily you can save yourself and loved ones from the Earth’s apocalypse by booking your tickets now aboard the USS Ark 2012 escape ship. What is the USS Ark 2012, you ask? It is the one and only Earth escape spaceship that will provide safe passage to a new habitable planet in the event of Armageddon in 2012.

Imagine it is December 21, 2012 and you’ve just gotten the news: The world is in fact going to end. What are you going to do now? You’ve only got a few hours, if not just minutes until it’s all over. People are running around like crazies trying to figure out what to do. But you aren’t worried because you booked your Escape Earth Tickets well in advance. You and all your loved ones are safely whisked away to a new Earth-like planet to start new.

For more info, click here!

P/S: This is really some 'thing' *sigh*

Friday, March 18, 2011

Simply Worth Sharing by Mdm Faihanna Ching

I would like to share to all of you my fellow readers.
Thank you to my senior Mdm Faihanna Ching for this wonderful note you've shared to us in FB.

When tsunami and earthquake hits Japan, life has completely stopped there.

It was a extremely horrible tragedy of one of the largest earthquake in history,  I don't even have the words to describe just how horrifying it was. 

In spite of the massive destruction, I firmly believe that Japan soonest will rebuild its ruins, and again give a lesson to the world just like how they recovered quickly from the utter devastation of kobe earthquake.

As I keep myself updated continuously through twitter, somehow I started to understand something about the japanese cultural ability to remain calm even in the face of death and remain hand in hand even in the face of disaster. 

I simply copied from few timelines from twitter and I guess this is simply worth to share:

1. It was cold and I was getting very weary waiting forever for the train to come.  Some homeless people saw me, gave me some of their own cardboard boxes and saying “you’ll be warmer if you sit on these!”  I have always walked by homeless people pretending I didn’t see them, and yet here they were offering me warmth.  Such warm people. 

2. At a supermarket where everything was scattered everywhere over the floors, shoppers were helping pick them up and putting them back neatly on the shelves before quietly moving into line to wait to pay for them.  

3. I saw artists and painters trying to keep things upbeat by painting or drawing beautiful or encouraging drawings for the evacuees around them.  I was touched at how everyone was doing their very best to help.

4. I even heard that the “yakuza” (gangsters, organized crime groups) are helping to direct traffic in the Tohoku region! 

5. I just came back safely from the supermarket!  Man, I was so touched at how everyone there was mindful of others, buying only as much as they needed and leaving the rest for the people behind them. 

6. I’ve been walking for many hours now.  I’m touched at how everywhere I turn, there are shops open with people shouting “Please use our bathroom!” or “Please rest here!”

7.When the earthquake struck Japan, I was working at the restaurant.The restaurant was almost full.After the earthquake, we guided the guest to go out from there because it could be dangerous.I thought great part of them would leave there without paying,But most of them came back and paid their bill.

God bless Japan. 

Samsung NX10 - Best DSLR and System Camera

Samsung NX10

Best DSLR and System Camera!

Samsung NX10 Key Features
  • 15.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor (presumed to be close relation to Pentax K7 sensor)
  • 14.6 million effective pixels
  • New Samsung NX mount (25.5mm flange-back distance)
  • 720p movie capture (H.264, 30 fps)
  • Contrast-detect autofocus
  • 3.0" AMOLED screen (614,000 dots, PenTile RGB array)
  • 921k dot Electronic Viewfinder
  • 30mm F2 pancake and 18-55mm standard zoom options
The other day, bf went to a Digital Fest at PWTC. He mentioned this particular camera to me and that is why I made a post about it.

Bf was explained by the salesman about the difference between a system camera and a DSLR camera. So, I did my job by Google-ing for detailed information but I failed. What I learned from Wikipedia is, a system camera does not use mirror while a DSLR uses mirrors. I am sorry to provide these very little information to you. So sorry. Hee. For more info, visit this site.

Personally, when I heard the brand Samsung, the first thing comes to my mind is LCD TV. I was surprised that they produce camera as well. Some of the reviews that I read claimed that Samsung copies the design of Lumix camera and adjusted a little bit here and there to make theirs to look better.

In Malaysia, Samsung is sold at around RM2.000 ++. During the Digital Fest they offered RM2,000.00. I am not sure how much is the normal price though. Do check it out for yourself.

What do you think of Samsung NX10? :) It is like 2 in 1 right?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Berita Harian - This is not funny at all.

You people in Berita Harian Malaysia should really apologize.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami hits Japan after massive quake

Cars and other debris swept away by tsunami tidal waves spead across in Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan, after an earthquake ravaged the area Friday.

Japanese television showed cars, ships and even buildings being swept away by a vast wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude earthquake.
The quake has sparked fires in several areas including Tokyo. At least 32 people were killed, officials said.
It struck about 250 miles (400km) from the capital at a depth of 20 miles. There have been powerful aftershocks.
The tremor, measured at 8.9 by the US Geological Survey, hit at 1446 local time (0546 GMT). Seismologists say it is one of the largest earthquakes to hit Japan for many years.
A tsunami warning was extended across the Pacific to North and South America.
The Red Cross in Geneva warned that the tsunami waves could be higher than some Pacific islands, Reuters news agency said.
Coastal areas in the Philippines, Hawaii and other Pacific islands were evacuated ahead of the tsunami's expected arrival.
New Zealand later downgraded its alert to a marine threat, meaning strong and unusual currents were expected.

 Source: BBC News & NPR

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'My First Home Scheme' launched

The programme is an initiative launched by the government with the collaboration of national mortgage company, Cagamas Bhd, and financial institutions to reduce the burden of the younger generation who are faced with a high cost of living and exorbitant real estate prices.

KUALA LUMPUR: Twenty commercial banks, including Islamic financial institutions, are participating in the "My First Home Scheme" programme launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak here today.

The programme is an initiative launched by the government with the collaboration of national mortgage company, Cagamas Bhd, and financial institutions to reduce the burden of the younger generation who are faced with a high cost of living and exorbitant real estate prices.

"This will help the younger generation in Malaysia own their first house as soon as possible," Najib added. 
Via the scheme, the younger generation earning less than RM3,000 per month, can obtain 100 per cent financing from selected financial institutions for houses costing between RM100,000 and RM220,000 with a repayment period of 30 years.

"This means, the government, via Cagamas Bhd, will guarantee the downpayment of 10 per cent," Najib said, adding that first-time buyers need not come up with any deposit.

The Prime Minister also hoped more property developers would build affordable houses to cater for the people.

The banks involved in financing the "My First Home Scheme" are Affin Bank Bhd, Affin Islamic Bank Bhd, Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd, Alliance Islamic Bank Malaysia Bhd, AmBank Bhd, AmIslamic Bank Bhd, Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd, Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd, CIMB Bank Bhd, CIMB Islamic Bank Bhd, EON Bank Bhd, EONCAP Islamic Bank Bhd, Hong Leong Bank Bhd and Hong Leong Islamic Bank Bhd.

Others include Maybank Bhd, Maybank Islamic Bank Bhd, OCBC Bank Malaysia Bhd, OCBC Al Amin Bhd, Public Bank Bhd, Public Islamic Bank Bhd, RHB Bank Bhd, RHB Islamic Bank Bhd, United Overseas Bank Malaysia Bhd, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Bhd, Standard Chartered Saadiq Bhd and Cagamas Bhd.

Under the 2011 Budget, the government announced several initiatives to increase house ownership and enhance peoples' quality of life.

This, among others, included an allocation of RM568 million to build 300 units under the Urban Housing Assistance Scheme and 79,000 units under the Peoples' Housing Programme.

"An additional allocation of RM50 million has been set aside especially to help house ownership among estate employees under the low cost housing scheme," said Najib.

Read more: 'My First Home Scheme' launched

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I found out from this blog that Diploma Pendidikan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI) and Kursus Pendidikan Lepasan Ijazah (KPLI) do have something in common.

As conclusion, both programs are similar and are not the same.

Both programs provide future teachers but they will be teaching in different schools/ institutes according to their respective programs.

KPLI - 1 year course
- will be teaching in PRIMARY SCHOOLS
- sponsored by KPM
- will be studying in Institut Perguruan / Maktab

DPLI - 10 months course (2 semesters in IPT, 3 months Teaching Practical)
- will be teaching in SECONDARY SCHOOLS (for those who are sponsored by KPM)
- will have the chance to teach in Community College or Politeknik (for those who are sponsored by KPT)

- will be studying in IPT such as UPM, UPSI, UMS....

Do correct me if I am wrong. Manatau info terbalik kan? :)

Permohonan Diploma Pendidikan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI) Ambilan Julai 2011

Sila klik di sini untuk maklumat lanjut.

Selamat berjaya!

P/S: I wanted to know what are the differences between Kursus Perguruan Lepas Ijazah (KPLI) and Diploma Pendidikan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI). Thanks.

Darren Choy is not father of Daphne Iking's child

In a shocking turn of events, Darren Choy has declared that he is not the biological father of Isobel Daniella Iking Chong. He has also been acquitted and discharged of his enticement case involving showbiz personality Daphne Iking.
The parties in the case reached a settlement involving a public apology by Choy to Iking's ex-husband Ryan Chong Yiing Yih, said Choy's lawyer Datuk Jagjit Singh Monday.
Corporate figure Choy was discharged and acquitted from the charge of enticing TV presenter Daphne Iking after the complainant in the case, Iking's ex-husband Chong, withdrew the private prosecution.
Magistrate Engku Ahmad Rashdi Engku Abdillah made the decision on Monday after being informed by Choy's lawyer Jagjit that the parties in the case have reached a settlement that involved a public apology by Choy to Chong.
In the statement read out in court by Jagjit Monday, Choy declared:
1. I, Darren Choy, does duly hereby acknowledge that my relationship with Daphne Iking has caused embarrassment and humiliation to Ryan Chong, his parents, siblings and relatives.
2. I do further acknowledge that my relationship with Daphne Iking has resulted in a private prosecution by Ryan Chong against me being the subject matter of the current proceedings in court.
3. I regret that the issues raised in the cross-examination by my counsel may have tarnished and sullified the reputation, character and image of Ryan Chong, his parents, siblings and relatives.
4. I further acknowledge the allegations:
i) that Ryan Chong has promised money to any woman in China for keeping confidential any relationship in China; ii) that Ryan Chong has promised Daphne Iking money when she agreed to marry Ryan Chong; iii) that Ryan Chong was promised inheritance by his grandfather; on hindsight may now appear to be questionable and I do hereby retract these allegations.
5. I do hereby state that I am not the biological father of Isabel Daniella Iking Chong.
6. I do hereby tender my sincere and unreserved apology to Ryan Chong, his parents and siblings.
It is understood that the apology will be published in major newspapers Tuesday
-- Source: Asia One News

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OST Paradise Ranch

V.A - Paradise Ranch OST
Genre : OST
Language : Korean
1. 파라다이스 목장 (Paradise Farm)
2. Journey (Original Sound Track ver ) 동방신기 (東方神起)
3. 한 사람 (My Only One) -보아 (BoA)
4. 널 기다리며 (Waiting For You) 예성 [슈퍼주니어]
5. 좋아해도 되나요 ( Is It OK ) 에프엑스 (f(x))
6. 고백 (Confession) 최강창민
7. 목장을 달리며 (Running Through Farm)
8. 꽃잎에 입맞춤 (Kiss On The Flower)
9. 하이오 (Heigh-Ho)
10. Fantastic Dream
11. 초록 들판 (Green Field)
12. 처음 느낌 (First Feeling)
13. 시간을 넘어 (Leap Through Time)
14. Sunny Days
15. Smile Waltz
16. 우리 결혼해 (Will You Marry Me )
17. 아름다운 너를 (Beautiful You)
18. 추억 (Reminiscences)
In Malaysia, the drama just started airing 21 February 2011 at One HD - Astro Channel 393 on Monday and Tuesday only.
You can also watch it online too. Much more faster. To watch please click here. Ep 1 - Ep 10 :) *wink*
I am not a big fan of Korean drama but now I do.
Thanks One HD for addicting me to K-Drama.
Enjoy your weekends!

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