Monday, May 23, 2011

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan State Level 2011

Hopefully I will managed to post all photos of Unduk Ngadau beauties which will be representing their respective districts in my blog. I think there are going to be 40 contestants.

Let's do this!

However, their informations (district, name and etc.) will be updated from time to time. Please be patient. I need to ask permission from the pic's owner bah. Nanti kena saman. Hihi.

Thank you for your support! Do provide information to me as well if you seem to know the name of the contestants ok :)

UNK Beluran , UNK Telupid - Ms. Martha Kael Christia & UNK Paitan - Ms. Lyora Kok

UNK Kuala Penyu - Ms. Shirley Arichat Enggoh

UNK Keningau - Ms. Dana Carlista

UNK Beaufort - Ms. Jeyvonne Jais

UNK Papar - Ms. Jessica Joseph

UNK Tambunan - Ms. Felysynda Felix
UNK Sipitang - Ms. Affy D. J. Entawin
UNK Inanam - Ms. Cheryl

UNK Klang Valley - Ms. Laura Simon

UNK Labuan - Ms. Jaimurni Lunduman
UNK Tuaran - Ms. Caroline Anthony

UNK Putatan - Ms. Donya Gurjit Gunsilou

UNK Likas - Ms. Adeline, UNK DBKK - Ms. Rachel & UNK Tanjung Aru - Ms. Kieren
UNK Penampang - Ms. Bo Tiza Disimon
UNK Pitas - Ms. Sinolongan Dayaman
UNK Kota Marudu - Ms. Pathlyn Leosie Mikat

UNK Ranau - Ms. Sofie Kutam
UNK Sandakan - Ms. Alvira Raymond
UNK Kota Belud - Ms. Eva Eadora Wesmin

UNK Tamparuli - Ms. Jovenea Jim Lajim

UNK Matunggong

UNK Tawau

UNK Kinabatangan

UNK Tungku
UNK Lahad Datu

UNK Tongod

UNK Membakut

UNK Nabawan

All of the pictures posted here are courtesy of:

Jenal Eclipse
Wady Ag
PaulLen Hiew
Fred Lawranze
Schoffal Charles Moiji Constantine
Evelyn David
Laiji Shane

and other names which I've linked the pictures caption to them. Credits to all of you!

Which district's representatives are your favorite?

Good luck to all the contestants! Remember to be confident, walk gracefully and smile to the audience with all your heart. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. What matters are you've enjoyed all the experience and gained friendship all the way. (Ceh. Siapa la juga sa ni mau bagi nasihat kan. Hihi)

Representative for other districts that have not been uploaded here will be uploaded as soon as I've got their pictures. Or maybe you can provide me their link too. Thanks in advance.

P/S: Do tell me if I've linked wrongly or forgot to link the respective photo to the respective photos.


amesheeba said... eyes on UN Ranau..pnya lawa!

BibiEr Karim said...

Ranau & Beaufort please. Adui paning la judges ni nnt.

Arms said...

Well heeeelllloo there Miss Jeyvonne... ;D wakakaaka

FifieJay said...

@amesheeba lawa kan. hihi.

@bibier karim confirm pening. kta sndri pn pening. all very the chantiques kan.

@arm waiseh. sempat ah si kwn.

Anonymous said...

i'm eye-ing on keningau,penampang and Ranau

Anonymous said...

me too....ranau n beaufort...kihaaa..mantaps la..;)

beaty said...

i hope Ranau will win..heheh

Anonymous said...

wah my fav are bfort,ranau,sdkn,tpruli,KB..

FifieJay said...

wow. i can see a lot is rooting for ranau this year. hihi. i think so too! :)

@beaty: sa pn hrp ranau jg ni.

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