Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weight issues

To tell you the truth I have gained 3 kg in just ONE FREAKING MONTH. My BMI is still normal but I really don't want this extra 3 kg. Sorry to say. If this trend continues until the end of the year, I will kill myself. No la just kidding bah. I am not going to let it happen so let's start a healthy lifestyle.

My type of body is makan banyak this week, next week tambah berat badan and makan sikit this week, next week turun berat badan. Just like that. I know that our body needs exercise everyday. If not everyday maybe selang one day la.

As for me, I just have to get back at my no rice & no meat diet. That's all I have to do and after a month, my weight will be back to the numbers that I wanted. Hopefully my body metabolism is still the same as before.

Want some proof? Let me show these 2 pictures to you. Chubby cheeks will be the indicator that I've gained weight. Angle of picture taken is hardly the issue here. Even hairstyle is also NOT the issue.

After gaining 3 kg
Oh well. Good luck to me! I need to shed those 3 kg because I want to look good in pictures during my birthday in September and also my 'special' day :)

Will reveal to you what my 'special' day is about when the time comes ok? Take care!


Serena Allysha said...

Obvious oh kan. Haih. Ko join la saya berdiet. Mkn biskut n roti ja on day time. Mlm I makan quarter plate of rice and some lauks. Thats it. After three days, tummy yg duluan shoot down. After that slowly dia ambi dr differ areas. But, drink a lot of water la.

SteffianaJ said...

Before this mmg sa strict bh diet no rice & no meat tu. Weekends bru sa mkn pa yg sa mau. Hahaha. Tummy pn pndai slim down kan if less rice & meat. Hihihi

Anonymous said...

Big day = engagement, right?

SteffianaJ said...

@anonymous just wait for it :) hihi

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