Monday, May 14, 2012

Borneo International Marathon 2012

On 6th May 2012, together with my 2 colleagues, Nelsey and Laura, we participated in Borneo International Marathon 2012. For the first time in my life, I jogged non-stop for 5KM! I had never jogged that far before. However, for the remaining 5KM, Laura and I continued to jog and also brisk-walking.

Steffy, Nelsey & Laura. Both of them showing off their finisher medals. 
That's me showing off my bib number :D
Yes I made it! 10KM in 1 hour 22 minutes. Without training.
Nelsey completed her 10KM in 1 hour 19 minutes, while Laura in 1 hour 22 minutes, just 2 seconds earlier than me.

The picture below shows the official result from BIM 2012.

I got no. 213 out of 775 10KM Women's Open participants
For sure, I am going to join BIM again next year. Maybe Half-Marathon? 21KM here we come!


Meitzeu said...

Maybe I shall run next year as well!

Steffiana J said...

Yeah you should!

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