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Movie Review: The Book of Eli


Synopsis: Eli (Denzel Washington) has been on a journey for 30 years, walking west across America after a cataclysmic war that turned the earth into a total wasteland. The world has become a lawless civilization where people must kill or be killed. The barren roads belong to gangs of cutthroats who rob and kill for water, a pair of shoes, a lighter, or just for fun. Eli is a peaceful man who only acts in self defense, and becomes a warrior with unbelievable killing skills when he is challenged. After the war and the "Big Flash", Eli was guided by a higher power to a hidden book and given the task of protecting the book and taking it to its final destination. Eli guards the book with his life, because he knows that the book is the only hope that humanity has for its future.

Review: In my opinion, it is a great movie for hubby to watch but not for me. Throughout the movie he was on his excited states or should I say cloud nine? *wink* As for me, I hate to watch something that makes me wondering and asking myself too much 'why' while I'm still watching it. After 5 minutes, all I'm thinking was why why why and more why. I am the type of person who prefer and demands reason/logic on 'why is he doing that', 'where is he', 'what on Earth is he doing by walking in a deserted place' and so on and I want to know now! I don't prefer movies like after-you-watched-it-until-the-end-then-you-will-understand. Urgh! Frustration? Hello? *sigh*

Anyways, after doing some google-ing, it helped me a lot with my zillion 'why' thing in my head. Totally, the movie is so confusing. In addition, hubby likes it soooo very de mery much. He kept on saying sangat best , oh!bestnya! on our way back home. Zzz hubby. I don't understand how his brain works. IQ tinggi punya otak kan? Haha. He always figure out stuff differently. I wonder why. Hm. Wahaha. That's what I love about him. He is sooooo effing UNIQUE. Did I just say that he's unique? Strike 1 Steffy! Boooyaaa

Friday, February 26, 2010

Blogging in Spanish. Si, este blog está en español

Mi nombre es Steffiana. Tengo 22 años. Soy estudiante de UMS en Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
My name is Steffiana. I am 22 years old. I am a student of UMS in KK, Sabah.

¡Hola chicos! ¿Qué tal? Bienvenido a mi blog en Español. Si, yo sé hablar en español porque lo estudiado durante 2 años en UMS.
Hi guys! How are you? Welcome to my blog in Spanish. Yes, I can speak Spanish because I have studied it for 2 years in UMS.

*Laugh* Surprised? Ekeke. Oh well. My Spanish is not so perfect anyway because I’ve abandoned it a looooooooooooong time ago after my 4th Semester which is ermmmm a year ago perhaps *sigh * Anyhow, I want to show you 1 of my Spanish assignment.

Cuando era pequeña, íbamos a la casa de mi abuela en Kinarut, Papar 2 veces por un mes. En aquella época, todos fueron muy jóvenes. Nosotros gustábamos jugar muchísima especialmente cerca de un rio. Nuestros padres prohibirnos jugábamos cerca del rio porque os sintió algo mal ocurrir. Un día, algo muy mal ocurrió pero por suerte nadie estaba lastimar. Ivana, Yvonne y yo estábamos hacer castillo de arena cuando oyó una chapotear de agua. Cuando yo mire a mi espalda, yo vio mi hermano, Steven luchando en el agua. No sé nadar pero automáticamente yo salte en el agua y increíblemente agarre su mano. Yo pondré lo delante de mí y seguro los dos de nuestros cabezas éramos apagados del agua. El corriente del agua es muy fuerte y los dos éramos llevar fuera pero de repente yo conseguiré asimiento unas hierbas largas que crecer en la orilla del rio. Ivana, Yvonne y Lulu eran muy pánico y griterío. Yo diré las para llamada nuestros padres. Después de eso, tío Marcus llegaba y arrastraba los dos de nuestros apagado del agua. Yo me desmayaba y ponía muy cantante porque todos son seguros.

I am pretty sure that my essay has some grammatical error. Wahaha. Ciao.Well, feel free to correct it. Muchas gracias :P

Thank you Profesora Consuelo Cardenas, my spanish lecturer. My lecturer is a she ok, blame her unique name :)

American Idol: 4 voted off

Bye-bye to 4 contestants of American Idol

The 4 eliminated contestants:

Ashley Rodriguez

Janell Wheeler

Joe Munoz

Tyler Grady


Date: 24 February 2010
Time: 3 pm - 9 pm
Venue: 1Borneo Hypermall

The 4 of us  went to 1B to have some fun.

1st stop: OldTown White Coffee

 Peace everyone !! ngee
Sanlin@Macy. The Korean dramas/movies freak. Harhar

 Susie. Not chubby mah. Ok mah :)

 Da 2 crazy roomies since 1st year. Ngeh

This is my momom: OldTown Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun. So nice. I love it.
And this is how i eat my fuuuuuuuuuuuud

 1st step: mix it first

2nd step: taste the soup (it's a must! so that you can imagine how the food taste like)

 3rd step: open your mouth and eyes wide enough.akaka

final step: eat it !! yummy

Kaya & Butter Toast (single) (my side-order.akaka.blm knyang bha mkn itu sup)

2nd stop: U-Bowl
 Macy before action

Final stop: Pizza Hut
 Susie staring at the wall

 Ignore the person behind. Busy betul mau enter frame. Haiz

 Mr & Mrs Lee :D

  Tempura King Prawns
Crispy, succulent tempura king prawns

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Days Gone By

I love snapping pictures [Confession of a teenage drama queen. Hm. Teenage? :P]

Steffy & Intan in the UMS SPE MBA's seminar room. We had 1 class held there. Economy Aquaculture & Marketing subject. Wondering what aquaculture students doing in the SPE's block right. Hee

*SPE: Sekolah Pengajian & Ekonomi

 Dorothy@Do showing off her tongue. Ekeke. We came earlier that day, that's why sempat ambi gmbr kejap

 Guntur@Gun our class leader. Don't care & don't wanna know why he's standing like that. Maybe MJ knows?

*MJ: Mei Jing@Gun's laopo :) oops, sorry Gun. Terlepas cakap

 Intan & Do mengumpat about someone [I forgot who T.T] with Mei Fong in the background (standing)

*Black D&G Handbag for sale. How much Intan? Wahaha

 I saw this car yesterday when I bring YT to be serviced at Perodua Bundusan. What a wreck. Hope nobody was hurt during the accident.

This is how Tourism Malaysia KK office looks like at night

Family pictures. Not taken by me. Hik hik

 The 3 of us with our 3rd cousin from Kinarut. I feel so short :)
After the Christmas Eve's mass in St. Augustine's Church, Kinarut

 More of us. We never met before. Or maybe we did but we don't remember. Hoho

 Aiden with Yoda

 Leah with Yoda

Mi Familia

It's MATF time!

What's MATF? It stands for Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair :) Yeap. I received an email from them yesterday about their offer.


The thing that I am really interested with is the 'FREE iPhone 3G offer for every 100th prchase made on MHmobile'. These people really know how to attract people. Using psychology and etc.. Marketing strategy is what it is called. Haha.

I don't know if this offer is only for members or not. But you can try to go this website for more information regarding which cities are included in their travel offer

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Experience: Ruptured Tyre

 16" tire

The ruptures

Tires can rupture? 1st time I heard of it. Miahaha. Luckily, the tires didn't explode last night when we were driving back from Asia City.

YT being treated

Notice the wood placed under the tires? For those who don't have any idea (mau minta puji dlu sikit k :P), this is done for lowered cars (guys love lowering their cars, no idea why) before the jack is used. Hm. I think so. I don't know whether my explanation is correct or not. Haha. The jack would not fit under the car if the car is not lifted by the wood at first. Ekeke. Ceh. Everyone knows that, except for me :(

What is the reason behind this? Tires have their expiry date too. Usually after 3 years, the lifetime of tires will come to an end.

That is one brand new experience. Tada.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Birthdays

Happy birthday to you~~
Happy birthday to you~~
Happy birthday to Marcie & Felcie~~
Happy birthday to you~~

Both of you reached 22..
Well, as people say, age is just a number..
God bless both of you..
Love you both..

Marcie Elene - 21 Feb
Felcie Fay - 26 Feb

 Marcie Elene & Steffy

Felcie Fay

American Idol 2010

American Idol Season 9 is now on. Weeehaaa. I bet all the contestants this year are all very talented and super unique. Which one of them is your fav? Let's take a look at all of the Top 24. Congratulations guys and girls for making into the Top 24!

Contestant 1: Andrew Garcia

Contestant 2: Didi Benami

Contestant 3: Crystal Bowersox
 Contestant 4: Katie Stevens

Contestant 5: Lacey Brown

Contestant 6: Casey James (Kara loves him.Wow)
Contestant 7: John Park

 Contestant 8: Ashley Rodriguez

Contestant 9: Aaron Kelly (He forgot his lyrics during the Hollywood week but hello Top 24)

Contestant 10: Lilly Scott (I remembered her because of her hair and her singing style)

Contestant 11: Lee Dewyze

Contestant 12: Big Mike Lynche

Contestant 13: Paige Miles

 Contestant 14: Tyler Grady

 Contestant 15: Janell Wheeler

 Contestant 16: Tim Urban
 Contestant 17: Siobahn Magnu (Now, this girl is my fav. Wee

Contestant 18: Alex Lambert ( I was confused at first cuz of his last name. He is not related to Adam ok)

 Contestant 19: Jermaine Sellers (He sings effortlessly)

Contestant 20:  Haeley Vaughan (She has a unique singing style)

Contestant 21: Todrick Hall

 Contestant 22: Michelle Delanor (She looks like Leona Lewis. Agree with me?)

Contestant 23: Joe Munoz

Contestant 24: Katelyn Epperly

PS: All the pictures were taken from Buddy TV. Thanks for the goody-goody pictures.
For more info about the Top 24 AI contestants, you can go this website 
There you go guys. Pick your fav. Muahaha.

Vote for us!

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