Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Falling for Mr. Wrong

Hello friends, I am at the UMS library with Intan and Macy. A lot of students are here in the library doing their project, assignment and etc. So, we were searching for a table where we can plug our laptop's cable and we found one. Of all the books in the library, guess what book did I found on our table? That book! Falling for Mr. Wrong by Caroline Upcher. Hahaha. I think God is doing His thing on me now. Thank you Lord.

If you google the title, this book is among the Top 4 in Google! Wow. Usually books do have same title mah.

Then, I decided to borrow this book and read it. Maybe it have something to do with my life. Who knows right.

Have a nice day everyone.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I know what you did to us.

  Never Ever - All Saints

A few questions that I need to know
how you could ever hurt me so
I need to know what I've done wrong
and how long it's been going on
Was it that I never paid enough attention?
Or did I not give enough affection?
Not only will your answers keep me sane
but I'll know never to make the same mistake again
You can tell me to my face or even on the phone
You can write it in a letter, either way, I have to know
Did I never treat you right?
Did I always start the fight?
Either way, I'm going out of my mind
all the answers to my questions
I have to find

My head's spinning

Boy, I'm in a daze
I feel isolated
Don't wanna communicate

I'll take a shower, I will scour

I will rub
To find peace of mind
The happy mind I once owned, yeah

Flexing vocabulary runs right through me

The alphabet runs right from A to Zed
Conversations, hesitations in my mind
You got my conscience asking questions that I can't find

I'm not crazy

I'm sure I ain't done nothing wrong, no
I'm just waiting
'Cause I heard that this feeling
won't last that long

Never ever have I ever felt so low

When you gonna take me out of this black hole?
Never ever have I ever felt so sad
The way I'm feeling yeah, you got me feeling really bad

Never ever have I had to find

I've had to dig away to find my own peace of mind
I've Never ever had my conscience to fight
The way I'm feeling, yeah, I just don't feel right

I'll keep searching

Deep within my soul
For all the answers
Don't wanna hurt no more

I need peace, got to feel at ease

Need to be.
Free from pain - going insane
My heart aches, yeah

Sometimes vocabulary runs through my head

The alphabet runs right from A to Zed
Conversations, hesitations in my mind
You got my conscience asking questions that I can't find

I'm not crazy,

I'm sure I ain't done nothing wrong
I'm just waiting
'Cause I heard that this feeling won't last that long

Never ever have I ever felt so low

When ya gonna take me out of this black hole?
Never ever have I ever felt so sad
The way I'm feeling yeah, you got me feeling really bad

Never ever have I had to find

I've had to dig away to find my own peace of mind
I've Never ever had my conscience to fight
The way I'm feeling, yeah, I just don't feel right x4

You can tell me to my face,

You can tell me on the phone,
Uh, You can write it in a letter, babe
'Cause I really need to know

You can write it in a letter, babe

You can write it in a letter, babe 

I know what you did to us.
You can't fool me, again. No. Never.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Photography: Tamu KPD

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I never knew.

I never knew I would like this song. A song from an Indonesian band. I heard it while helping out my friends in Tamu KPD. *laugh*

Wali Band - Cari Jodoh (Searching for soulmate)

Apa salahku apa salah ibuku
Hidupku dirundung pilu
Tak ada yang mau dan menginginkan aku
Tuk jadi pengobat pilu
Tuk jadi penawar rindu
Tuk jadi kekasih hatiku

Timur ke barat selatan ke utara
Tak juga aku berjumpa
Dari musim duren hingga musim rambutan
Tak kunjung aku dapatkan
Tak jua aku temukan
Oh tuhan inikah cobaan

Ibu-ibu bapak-bapak
Siapa yang punya anak
Bilang aku aku yang tengah malu
Sama teman-temanku
Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku

Siapa yang mau bantu
Tolong aku kasihani aku
Tolong carikan diriku kekasih hatiku
Siapa yang mau

Back to *, **, ***

Ibu bapak punya anak
Bilang-bilang aku aku yang tengah malu
Sama teman-temanku
Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku

Back to ***

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bengang - Akim : Sing-a-long time!!

Bengang - Akim

Aku bosan dengan cintamu
Aku rasa buang masa
Kau selalu mendustakan cintaku
Aku fikir kau tak searus
Biarkan ku beralih
Biarkan diriku terus bersendiri

Ku tak sanggup engkau setia
Walau jasad dan juga nyawa
Sebagai tanda cintamu padaku katamu

Tak mungkin ku percaya
Kata-kata yang penuh dusta
Hanyalah bibir berkata
Yang memilukan
Menambah bengang rasa hampa
Terus hingga diriku terasa

Cukup berkali kau berkata
Jangan diulang lagi dusta
Jangan kau pujuk hati yang terluka
tak mungkin akan ku kembali
Jika janji sekadar mimpi
Tak mungkin aku sanggup bersama denganmu

(ulang chorus)

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Day at The Library

Today I had one class only for 1 hour. Then, the 3 of us (Macy, Susie & myself) went to the library to do some work. Intan was not with us because she was not feeling well. Get well soon friend! :)

Anyways, we were bored and while doing our work, I took a few pictures using my phone.

Alright Steffy, here we go now. FYP time :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visit Gaya Street

This is a video project done by my group. Which was exactly took almost 1 year ago. Hee. I took Marketing as my minor in my 4th Semester.Well, it's not like I don't have a choice because it's C-O-M-P-U-L-S-O-R-Y and I really don't have a choice. Haha. So, no choice at all! Sucks right. I thought minor subjects are something that YOU CHOOSE YOURSELF.

Anyways, it's an assignment where we were required to pick a topic and make a video out of it. There were a lot of topics listed by our lecturer but we decided to go with 'Tourism: Tourists' Local Destination'.

After discussing, we finally chose GAYA STREET

We chose Gaya Street because:
1. It's near. Super near indeed.
2. It's nearer than Kinabalu Park or Poring Hot Spring or etc.
3. Nearer a.k.a can save gas
4. I know where Gaya Street exactly is which makes the possibility of getting lost is 0%! Miahahaha
5. Everyone loves Gaya Street right?
6. You can find everything there. Especially woof! woof! Cute puppies!! Awwww~~~

Gaya Street is a popular Sunday street market where it opens from as early as 5am and closes at 12.00pm (sort of). Remember that it only opens on Sundays. Not any days but only SUNDAY. Hee. You must go there if you have the chance to visit Sabah Land Below The Wind. I am proud to be a Sabahan. Weee~~~

Here is the information about Gaya Street I got from Sabah Tourism's website.

" Originally named
Bond Street, Gaya Street located in the Kota Kinabalu Central Business District has been the centre of business for over a hundred years. The wooden shops with nipah roofs are long gone but here is where generations-old family businesses are still thriving passed down from father to son.

Every Sunday morning, the length of Gaya Street is closed off to traffic to make way for the Fair. Shop for anything under shady trees and over-sized umbrellas, like batik sarongs, fruits and flowers, arts and craft, footwear, antiques and souvenirs, cakes, even pets and herbs!. This is the best place to experience the cross-section of the local population when entire families enjoy a Sunday outing.

The Gaya Street Fair is on every Sunday from 6.30 am to 1.00 pm"

And now..I want to present..our video..made by us (just a bunch of Aquaculture students who only have a little knowledge about video editing stuff and etc.)..hehe

BMRI Night 2010

Sonia, Do, Susie, Steffy & Liya

The girls of Final Year Aqua who were present that night

Group picture with the BMRI lecturers

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WOW Videoke

Mum and dad went to Manila for a pilgrimage. Arrived here last Sunday. Guess what my dad bought from there? The WOW Videoke! Wow Magic Sing Magic Microphone! This thing tells you how much you score for your singing. Awesome. I've tried it before at a friend's house.

Yesterday, I brought Macy, Do and Susie to my house for jalan-jalan. All we did was karaoke-ing until dinner time. Haha 

 The 3 crazy girls




During dinner, we chatted with my dad for a while. Then, it was time to go back.

Til next time. XOXO

No one has to be blamed.

It's not my fault, it's his.

It's not your fault, it's mine.

Who cares about it anyway.

In the end, we'll still go on our separate ways.

" It's the end of the road " - Boyz II Men

No one has to blamed.


Monday, March 22, 2010

My New Addiction

Bowling with my friends & family. My parents are pros. Crazy kan.

Gossip Girl ( I know this one long long time od wujud. At dat time I was thinking, apa la yg best betul psl GG ni. Then, when I got it from a friend. Tadaaaaaa. Terus >>> xoxo)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Idol: Week 3 Elimination

Lacey Brown has been eliminated from American Idol last Wednesday.

11 more contestants left. Wee

Nobody Sings Badly.

I have a hole in my heart.
How can I make it whole again.
I cannot find the W.


Your Body is A Wonderland

 Synopsis: A Tim Burton-directed film, released March 5, 2010, features a combination of live action and motion-capture digital animation, and follows Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska), who is now 19 years old, as she attends a party only to be proposed for marriage in front of hundreds of snooty society types. She follows the White Rabbit (Michael Sheen) into Wonderland, where she is needed to slay the Jabberwock, while being there finding herself learning to become a strong-willed, independent young woman. Despite being produced and distributed by Disney, Burton has stated that he did not intend this film as a sequel to the 1951 version.

The other day, Macy and I went to watch the movie: Alice in Wonderland. When we arrived at the counter to buy the tickets, there were only 4 seats left. We sat at different rows, Macy in front row and me just behind her. Here is the magical part, luckily, the 3 seats besides Macy's row and my row were sat by a family of 6. Then the youngest daughter was saying to her mum that she wanted to sit wit her and bla bla long story short, I changed seats with her. Aww. So nice of me. Wahaha. *Applause* Oh ya, the mum then asked her daughter to thank me. She said ' Thank you kak' and I replied 'You're welcome adik' with a big beautiful smile of mine. Hahaha

Now, about the movie, the cast I remembered the most is Anne Hathaway as the White Queen (Sorry Red Queen, you large head is not large enough. Akakaka). Which part? All of it, especially the thing with her hands. She is so funny and adorable here. Haha. You have got to see it to understand what I mean here. And the way she expresses her nauseousness in that movie. Made me laugh. (''s against my vow to harm living creatures..' then, a firefly flew across her face) Look at her facial expression. ROFL

1 new word I've added to my dictionary is the word 'muchness' :D I just love that word, muchness. I thought that word does not exist in English but tettt, that word do exist! Shamefully speaking. Ngee. Surprisingly for me because it felt wrong to me. Muchness. Blushness. Business.

However, it seems like the director did modify the movie a bit. As far as I can remember, I've seen the original Alice movie (when I was 7 or 8 I think?) and this one is a bit different.

Anyways, I loved it.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Wardrobe Malfunction

I read this article from Yahoo! Entertainment this morning..

 Katherine, with shoulder strap intact.

 The dress snaps onstage.

Thank goodness Billy Bush was there.

Though celebrities, more often than not, seem uncomfortable in the presence of Hollywood reporters, Katherine Heigl was undoubtedly thrilled to have the "Access Hollywood" personality by her side when she experienced a near-miss wardrobe malfunction.
On Thursday evening, as she was accepting the honor of Female Star of the Year at the ShoWest Awards, Heigl's dress fell apart. Bush graciously leapt to the rescue, holding her shoulder strap in place.

 Billy Bush to the rescue!

Yes, just when fans thought they wouldn't be seeing quite as much of Heigl -- it was recently announced that she, most likely, would no longer be appearing on "Grey's Anatomy" -- attendees of the event nearly saw much more of Heigl than they ever expected.

With Bush at her side, Miss "Izzie Stevens" was able to carry on with her acceptance speech. A short while later, as she was backstage posing for photographers, Billy's helpful hand was replaced by a pin.

After the incident, Billy took to his Twitter account, summarizing the night's events in less than 140 characters: "Oh my, hosting showest awards in LV. Heigl comes up to get award, dress strap breaks...I hold her top on while she accepts!"

Earlier in the evening, the managing director of ShoWest, Robert Sunshine, mentioned Heigl's "ever-present charm and innate talent." It was charm and talent that wound up being put to the test when she took to the podium.

Heigl's bare shoulder wasn't all she displayed at the Las Vegas gala. The rom-com darling also showed off her new hairdo: The famously blonde actress is now brunette.

For those unfamiliar with the ShoWest Awards ceremony, it is a yearly trade show thrown by The National Organization of Theatre Owners (or NATO for short... yes, really). This year's convention was held in Las Vegas.

This year's Male Star of the Year winner -- not needing any assistance from Billy Bush -- was Sam Worthington from "Avatar." Past Female Star of the Year winners include Rachel McAdams (2009), Anne Hathaway (2008), and Kirsten Dunst (2007).

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Thanks la Marcie Elene. Now I have to do the whole 'tagged' thing. Wahaha. Mcm la terpaksa kan. Dududu

Q1: Nama-nama timangan oleh org tersayang...

At home: Steffy, Fifie, Stef or Fie
The BF: Baby, Bebeh or Babe *blushness*

Q2: Anda seorang yang...

Loudspeaker, outspoken, outreach, outline, outdoor..everything with the word 'out', crazy, brave, adorable (*choking choking*), responsible, incredible, sensible..and all the -ible or -able words you know :D wahaha They call me 'Incredible Steffy' when I'm mad. Short-tempered but wait for 5-10 seconds, I'll suddenly talk to you like nothing ever happened.

Q3: Your favourite food..

Mihun sup Pipin (sama ar Jimen.. wahaha)
Burger King - BK Black Pepper
Damai's Prawn Mee
Famous Amos
Old Town's Prawn Mee

Yeah I know. I am a big fan of Prawn Mee.

Xtra info: I love the one and only Iced Lemon Tea. Haaaahaaa

Q4:Favourite colours...

Purple (people say this is a widow's colour), Black (I have loads of shirts in this colour, it makes all of us look less fatter..yesh!), White and Blue.

Q5:Favourite songs (currently listening to)...

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance, Today was A Fairytale - Taylor Swift, Never Knew I Needed - Neyo, Derita Merindu - Ahli Fiqir (the only Malay song which catches my interest..wahaha), Jangan Ada Dusta Di Antara Kita (our fav karaoke song kan hubby? lalala), I Wanna Know - Joe (I wanna know what turns you on~~~~)

Q6: Sikap yg membuatkan anda stress... 

Irresponsible, ungrateful, show off, drama-queen (wait a minute, that's me.wahaha), laptop yg hang, slow internet connection, eh..I think I'm out of the topic,ok ok..people with that kind of stare which makes you feel what's-your-problem-I-didn't-do-anything-wrong-to-you..kiss ass, mean girl wanna be but x sesuai pun..yucks

Q7: benda yg mesti ade dalam bag/handbag anda 
Most important is my purse (of course..everyone needs a purse or a wallet right? or else where do you want to put your $$$, MyKad, driving license,  credit cards, lovey-dovey couple's picture..hahaha), lip-gloss, my Za compact powder, eye-drop, sanitizer, hair comb, hair band, tissue, car key, dorm key, pad/pantyliner,my lucky charm (ini saja2 ja ni, pdhal xda pun. hee)

Q8: Kali terakhir anda menangis beriya-iya..kenapa??
Last Saturday, 13 March..A stupid and bad dream..Then, my superman comes to rescue me..Thanks hubby :D

Q9: Tag 5 rakan anda

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bowling tym..

Bowling wit Susie n Chee Kai..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Study Trip to DoF, Likas

If y'all r wondering what's DoF, it's Department of Fisheries ya. Keep that in your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini. I mean your brain. Gagaga.

On 24 February 2010, 32 final year aquaculture students had the opportunity to have a study trip to Likas. Wow. Copy paste from Study Trip's Report ka ni? Adalah sikiiiiiiiiit :) Miahaha

We were taught on how to make fishball and 'keropok lekor'. Quite interesting huh?

Yup. Study trip. Dekat saja. Not far. Hurm. So lazy to elaborate, the pictures might give some help here.

This is the place where we visited

 Intan, Susie and me (in the meeting room :P)

Macy (the 'keropok lekor' pro)

The magic machine which turns the dough into fishball. Tada!

*the dough is made of surimi, sugar, ajinomoto and wheat/ tapioca flour..

Mm. I guess that's all. Ciao.

- xoxo -

Stress-Free Highway

Ever find yourself singing out loud when you were stressed out? Here I have 16 top songs which can totally help you out and a perfect sing-along songs too :D yippe

Save it in your iPod or mp3. Turn on those songs and without realizing it, you'll sing your lungs out. Got the list of songs from a magazine.

Thanks Men's Health Magazine. Wondering why I'm reading a men's magazine. Blame The Boyfriend for that. Wuv ya hubs.

abc - jackson 5
black or white - michael jackson
born in the usa - bruce springsteen
half alive - secondhad serenade
flash - queen
breakout - foo fighters
smells like teen spirit - nirvana
bodies - drowning pool
livin' on a prayer - bon jovi
anthem of our dying day - story of the year
twist and shout - the beatles
last of a dying breed - ludacris ft lil wayne
help - the beatles
falling in love again - eagle eye cherry
hanging by a moment - lifehouse
my girl - the temptations

happy singing..

bye-bye stress..

hello happy face..

= xoxo =

Monday, March 15, 2010

Photography (at home)

Dad's cam is at home. So it's Steffy da Paparoza time!
Pink Bougainvillea. Is that how it's spelled?

No comment =_=" but I love this shot. Don't know why. Hehe

My dog Sexy. Model of the day.

Focused on Sexy. Zoom zoom out

Sexy at the background. Zoom zoom in.

My Yoda. So big od kan? :D

Our rides. The Jipanins love big cars. Wahaha

Till next time..

- xoxo -

Reunion 2007 at Mitch's house

I went back home this morning and found some old pictures in my dad's laptop. I didn't have these pictures with me because of frequent laptop formatting. Hee. I'm not sure the pictures from whose camera but I think maybe it's Edgar's or Marcie's. Forgot liao. Sory :(

Here we go..


2005 Michaelian 5 Amanah & 5 Cekal Reunion

Date: 22 June 2007
Place: Mitch's House

Big Gregg, Oliver, Jace, Small Greg, Steffy, Leslie, Edgar, Richie, Mitchell & Annie

Us again with different poses

Steffy, Edgar & Leslie

Annie, Ellida, Pheona & Steffy

Yam Seng

Our 'Happy Reunion 2007' cake

Natalie, Marcie, Germaine, Ellida, Felcie & Steffy

Candle blowing time!
Jo-Anna, Ms Therese, Leslie, Mitchell, Steffy & Dolly's head (I think)

Cake cutting time!

Richie, Oliver, Edgar, Ian & Steffy

Steffy, Jo-Anna & Marcie

Group Picture 1

Group Picture 2

Ian, Steffy, Mitchell, Pheona, Natalie, Marcie, Germaine, Felcie, Majoree, Leslie, Ms Therese, Ellida, Jo-Anna, Edgar, Jessu, Greg, Jace, Jason, Oliver, Luke, Dexter, Howell, Gregg, Carlson, Richie & Annie (Sorry if I missed out any names)

Ms Therese (our beloved class teacher) & myself

Peace y'all

Jason & Steffy
Pheona singing with all her heart :)

Edgar (budak paling pandai in our class) & myself

Shout out to all my classmates out there. Next reunion? When will it be? Baru 5 years juga bha. Inda pyh reunion pn blh bha. Zz

Semua pun harap si Steffy juga ni kan. Atau si Marcie.Miss Therese tanya2 suda sa, bila lg reunion dia bilang. Last time kamu2 yg lelaki tu, tidak kira reunion okay. Kusai nopo ngaavi. Akaka. We'll make it simple this time or maybe meletup kebabom?

Take care all of you.

- xoxo - 

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