Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am not a girl, not yet a woman

No. This post is not about one of Britney's song. I do admit that I stole her song title though :p

Where do we start? Hm. In my last post, I told you that I am pursuing my Master's under Dr. Annita in UMS kan. Read this post. Well, I decided to postponed that dream due to several personal matters. Wah. Macam mahu apply cuti pula. 'Personal matter' konon.

Long story short, I went to search for jobs and I was so stressed out due to the finding-the-right-job-for-me-is-so-hard problem :) Read this post. I was waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting........................ then, FINALLY!! Ta-da~~ I have found one!!

Been working here for 5 weeks now. Yay! I am so proud of myself. The pay is good too. Thank you God for listening to my prayers. Boring bah di rumah. Hee.

Oh ya. Silly me. Forgot to tell you what and where I am working now. Hihi. I am working in a construction company as an engineer. NOT! How come an aquaculturist can suddenly become engineer oh. Haha. Ok. Serious suda ni. Ever heard of Admin/ Operation Assistant? 

Ya. That's what I am doing now. Experiencing clerical work which is so darn interesting. Not only I become a clerk but apparently my skills in computer also helps what. One day my boss asked 'Steffy, kamu pandai ubah ini setting di komputer ka? Kenapa tidak boleh nampak video CCTV di stor kita ini?' *sigh*

I did whatever I know with my knowledge of so called an ex-cyber cafe assistant & kuat main game punya perempuan BUT I still can't solve the CCTV problem. Little did I know that it was the anti-virus which blocked us from viewing the live-streaming video from CCTV. (Monologue: Macamana kau blh lupa oo Steffy. Selalu kalau install game yang crack mmg mau disable dulu itu Kaspersky kan. Apa laaaaaa~) Perghhh!

*Any cracked game/ software or some live-streaming video is identified as virus by Kaspersky* For those who doesn't know about what I am talking about

I am so ashamed of myself. Lol. Saya malu menggelar diri ini seorang gamer. Haha

Back to our topic :) Sorry I drifted away. So excited to tell you about not-an-admin-supposed-to-know stuff bah. Admin work involved a lot of typing & photocopy machine skills. Everyday ada ja mau taip. Ada ja mau fotostat. I have to do filing too. Sometimes requires creativity. Contoh: Buat name card. Boring suda mau cerita pasal kerja~ Yang lain pandai la fikir sendiri. Kerja ofis la. Xda yang interesting pun. Akaka

I love my job very much :) New things to learn everyday. Gaining experience while waiting for any job which relates to what I am expert in a.k.a Fisheries!! I don't want to waste my Degree just like that.


Kris and Nadia said...

wawa... lama sda kita nda bchat kan.. mcm lama sda x catch up sm ko :)

Donna said...

omg fie! sama kerja kita! tukang urus paperwork and part time IT person.. kakakaka! Except I work in a hotel, lagi banyak karenah and gelagat lucu yg harus ditempuhi everyday.. lol.

Steffy said...

nad: hoho. iya. mmg lama uda kita x ber-catch up..

donna: ish. y ar. y y y. nvm. at least we can do multitasking. jeng3. urs msti stressed dat kan if u didnt channel those karenah & gelagat to the right brain. msti mau pndai psycho a bit. if x, lama2 u jd psycho ooo. hahaha. my place pn lbh krng ja donut. my 'org ats' smtimes psycho. akakaka

Zezebel said...

Saya pun kaki game juga..huhu

Steffy said...

hee.. main game pn main jg.. tp kerja tetap kerja.. jgn smpai kerja x siap psl game..x pa kalau kita jd kaki game :) mengisi masa lapang kunun

Eryati said...

sy juga suka game..tapi dulu..skrg kurang sudah kunun

Steffy said...

kalau stress main la game bah. time study ja dlu suka gila main game. skrg x brp suda jg ni

Nina Manson said...

Wahhhhhh.. glad you are enjoying your work!! :D

Steffy said...

thanks nina.. glad that i am working now.. rather than staying at home and bored myself out

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