Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What A Very Bad Day

I am having a few bad days recently. Everything seems wrong. I hope things will be alright as soon as possible.

'God please give me the strength and perseverance.
Bless all the people around me so that everyone will have good days at the end of the day'

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mi hermosa hermana

Once upon a time in Tuaran, I was introduced to a person named Flora by mum. Back then, I was still in primary school and she was studying in a secondary school at Tamparuli. Mum was a teacher there last time.

Long story short, since that day, she became my foster sister. We always keep in touch with each other until now. As the days goes by, it has been 12 years since the day we parted and now she have her own family! :)

Tada! Mum & dad got the chance to meet them in KL during their short vacation last month. Well, she's residing there now with her new family but I heard from mum that they'll might move to Sabah.

Pulen, Kakak Flora, Baby Nashanti & mum

Three of them with dad.

*Kan best kalau sa pun ada sana. Blh jg dukung baby. Cubit pipi. Geram~~

Love you always Kakak Flora. xoxo

Double celebrations

D & S

Picture taken in front of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu by Zabrin

Double celebration of what?

+ S graduated on 10.10.2010 at UMS +
+ D will be awarded an 'Anugerah Khas' by TM on 26.11.2010 at Kuala Lumpur +

Congratulations D for your excellent achievements. I know you've worked damn hard to reach those high expectations. I am so proud of you. You've made your family proud too. Hugs!

Thank you God for guiding us always and made us remember that all great things happened because of your will. Amen.

Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part I - Movie Review

Yes. I have the book since 2007 (mum bought it for us) and I have not finish reading it! What a disappointment. Nvm, I will read it later at home. Promise!

Last night, despite of the heavy rainfall, mum, dad, my bro and I went to Megalong Cineplex Donggongon, Penampang to watch HP 7. The movie is alright. That's all I can say. Hahaha.

During highschool, after watching HP movies at the cinema, for sure I will be so damn excited and will talk about HP 24/7 with friends at school. But now, it's a different feeling. I think I've missed the 6th movie, I'm not sure whether I've watched it or not. Going to ask my bro if we had the DVD at home :)

Rating: 4/5

Skyline - Movie Review

If you're planning to watch this movie in the cinema, I am warning you that this movie is going to make you miserable. It doesn't have any accepted ending at all. Usually, in any movies, you can accept whether the ending is happy or sad, but this one, NO! Even though it makes sense if I say maybe there'll be a Skyline 2 but who can imagine what kind of ending it would be. An alien for a dad and a human-being as your mummy?

Story-line sucks. Graphics & sound effect is very the bagus! (Nice)

Rating: 3 out of 5


Skyline is a 2010 alien invasion science fiction film directed and produced by the Brothers Strause. The film was released on November 12, 2010. It stars Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Donald Faison and David Zayas. The Brothers Strause assert that Skyline is the first film in a series, which will include at least one other film.

Source: Wikipedia

P/S: I knew it. I knew that there will definitely be a Skyline 2. Hohoho

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What I Usually Do on Saturdays

1. Wake up.
2. Toilet.
3. Laundry.
4. House cleaning
5. Cleaning.
6. More cleaning.
7. Rest.
8. Hanging out with love/ friends

Saturday is my cleaning day. My only exercise of the week. Haha. That's what I'll do on most Saturdays.


Kiko sleeping in her own 'house'

Friday, November 12, 2010

DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hotter and Smarter

I was in Singapore last week for a short just-for-the-weekend vacation with my family. FYI, it seems like a lot of them are using BlackBerry. Luckily, I don't have to pull out my very-ordinary-and-also-cheap cellphone from my bag for them to look at. It's pretty embarrassing. You feel like you are holding a Nokia 3310 amongst them. I am not kidding!! No offense but having the 'it' hand phone is like a living trend right now. Just like having those latest handbags, dresses, heels & etc for ladies. And having those latest gadgets & etc for guys.

I was so embarrassed. Ish.

I kept on telling myself that 'I WANT ONE TOO!'. However, financial circumstances won't allow me from having one. So, every night before I go to sleep, I could only pray for a BlackBerry magically appear in front of me. Doesn't matter what model of BB, as long as it's a BB lah :D Hahaha.

But... God have finally heard my prayers!! Now I have a chance to win it!! I don't care if it's only 0.1% of chances of winning it :) As long as I have tried mah. Woot~ woot~ Day dreaming about having a BlackBerry Torch 9800 in the palms of my hands now. Grrr.

Having BlackBerry Torch 9800 will totally make my life easier. Especially when the design is so hot! It's irresistible. What makes it so cool to have it is it comes with Digi's DG Smart Plan. That will make it double kudos. Hot BB + Smart DG = to die for 'it' gadget!! *Hyperventilating now*

" With the DG Smart Plan, you could get yourself a brand new Torch for only RM 1,499! Here’s why it’s the smarter plan for smartphones:

Surf SMART – Monthly Internet Unlimited plan for only RM 68
Call SMART – No minimum call usage
Save SMART – 100% rebate on the Internet Unlimited plan (terms & conditions apply)
Roam SMART – Unlimited data roaming for only RM 36 a day "


You too can take part in this contest. Just write a blog post with the title "DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hotter and Smarter". Then, fill up this form. Hurry now! This contest valid from 11-25 Nov 2010.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kiko: Our Naughty Cat

Remember this new friend? That's Kiko. Thanks to Mama for naming her. We just call her Miaw. According to Mr. D, Kiko is not a suitable name for her because she is a super naughty-crazy cat. Haha. Sometimes, I also call her Galangas (which means stubborn in Kadazan). So basically, our new member of the family have plenty of names.

Kiko have been growing bigger for the pass 3 weeks. We fed her with Whiskas for Kitten - wet food (can find them at the supermarket). The ones that have been advertised in the tv nowadays. Just RM1.39 per sachet. Hoho. Everyday, she ate 1-2 sachets of it. Also we gave her Whiskas for Kitten - biscuit. From a stray/ very skinny kitty, Kiko blossomed into a very healthy/ cute kitty. We even bought her toys & collar which comes with a bell!

It's so hard to snap a picture of her. She keeps running around here and there. Never sits still! A very hyperactive kitty indeed. Usually, after you have fed a cat, that cat will lie down and rest. But, for Kiko, after finish eating, she will continue to play around like crazy. She likes to play hide-and-seek too. Haha. After she's tired of playing, then she will lie down next to you and fell asleep.

Kiko with Mr. D *sigh*

Here is a video of Kiko.

Kiko is a very special kitty. We love her so much. She brings joy and laughter to the family. Especially to Mama. Continue making us laugh with your silly actions Kiko. *She even likes to bite handphones, same like Mr. D's cat last time, Ketod*

Thank you God for Kiko :D Even though she doesn't lives with me (it's not safe for a cat to live under my roof, my dogs are very 'friendly'), she's in the hands of Mr. D who will take good care of her.

Customers are always right

Rule No. 1 in business. Treat the customer like a king (or queen if that customer happened to be a lady) or princess or prince.

You get what I mean right? That is the sacrifice you have to make if you are going to involve yourself in money making business or in any profit making business. They HAVE TO be super patient + super polite in order for them to succeed in making that customer become their regular customer. Or at least smile when people smile at you because I am here just for the sake of discussing the problem in a nice way and not wanting to cari gaduh pun!!

Even Gorilas can smile~~

That particular aunty really don't have the word SMILE in her dictionary when dealing with customers

It won't cost them anything pun, a satisfied customer will recommend their friends to visit their shop and purchase their merchandises. That particular friend will tell their other friends and that other friend will tell her cousin and the cousin bla bla bla etc.

Happy customers will lead your business into success

And you so-called-pandai-sangat-buat-bisnes will have a wide smile like this but instead,


too much money suda ka. too rich od ka. sampai perasaan orang pun ko x mau peduli ka.

Well, this particular shop is situated in Karamunsing Complex, Kota Kinabalu. I won't announce your shop's name here in my post. Not wanting to pollute my blog with your shop's name. *evil laugh*

Furthermore, she won't admit that it's their fault producing a WRONG brochure. WTF! Kalau sudah salah, mengaku ja bah kan? You can be charged for producing this serious offense because we can accuse you for MISLEADING us with that very own brochure.

That brochure had 2 different packages of LCD TV + full set dvd home theatre system. The price for both packages are different, even the dvd home theatre system model number are different too (say Model A & Model B). HOWEVER, the picture shows the same amount of amplifiers, dvd player & speakers (meaning the same stuff but different model number lah). They literally convinced us at the first day that we will definitely receive everything which exists/stated in that picture on their brochure (conversation between us & salesman)

Then, when the day came, suddenly the salesman told us that there's an error on their brochure. The Model A that we chose, actually have less amount of speakers (and also less specs) compare to the Model B. Meaning to say, they have put a WRONG picture on their brochure. This salesman, admitted to us about that picture error.

(now comes the volcanic eruption part) I am serious, don't you dare make that smile *evil laugh again*

We discussed about it and decided to just go with it. Bah. Salesman sudah admit kan that it's their fault. BUT!! JENG JENG JENG!!

(conversation between us & old aunty)

Suddenly this old aunty (big boss la kunun. pui! mmg bos kedai la) interfered our conversation and decided to say it out loud with an arrogant-bitchy-macam s**l attitude

'APA MAU TENGOK GAMBAR OH. ITU GAMBAR, GAMBAR SAJA MAH. TENGOK ITU MODEL SAJA MAH' what is the point of referring to those pictures. just refer to the model number only -funny it sounded polite when I translated it into English. Hahahaha-

we replied with 'apa la guna kau punya brochure kalau begitu, bagus buang saja tu brochure kau' what is the use of your brochure then. better just throw it away. 


'KAU JANGAN MAU AJAR SAYA MACAMANA MAU BUAT BISNES HA' don't you dare teach me how to do business


The moment that not-so-polite words popped out from her OMG-why on Earth-this-lady-is-so-WTH mouth, we were shocked with it. At that point, we CANCELLED our desire to continue purchasing that merchandise from them! We even argued to her that she is not supposed to talk like that to us. We are your customers. We are the ones who gave you the money. In fact, customers are ALWAYS RIGHT!! 


Nonetheless, we have proves if we want to take any legal actions on you. However, only time will tell when will your company suddenly comes into bankruptcy. You won't last long in business line if you are forever having this kind of attitude towards customers. Luckily you have very good salesperson working under you.

While we were walking out from their shop, we told her that we will bring this matter into court. Then she shouted 'OI, APA KAU CAKAP OH' hey, what the hell do you mean - I don't want my translation sounded polite when it's translated into English- :D

*That old lady even called us and said 'Kamu mau bawa ini hal masuk court, bawa lah?! Saya tiada buat salah' if you want to bring this matter into court, just go on with it, I am innocent.

You see? She is so damn arrogant. *sigh* That's what money will turn us into if we have too much of it. You stopped acting human. You won't care of other people's feelings. Personally, that's my opinion.

What's yours?

Something to share about business line:

" The lessons Larry Page took away from reading Donald A. Norman's The Design of Everyday Things while a graduate student at Stanford, helped shape Google's approach to its customers. Or as Page said, "Having an attitude that your customer or users are always right, and your goal is to build systems that work for them in a natural way, is a good attitude to have"

"If you don't listen to your customers, someone else will." - Sam Walton -

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Silly me.

How do I look like?

Borrowed someone's specs last night. I look quite okay-lah wearing specs like these.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Short trip to Singapore

Hello fellow bloggers, readers & friends~ How was your 'long' holiday? I am referring to the 3 days long weekend holiday. Owh. Before that, Happy Deepavali to all of you :) Especially Kakak Flora, Pulen & Baby Nashanti~ Miss you guys la!

 BTW, notice the picture below?

Actually that picture was taken yesterday afternoon at Changi International Airport in Singapore waiting for departure back to Kota Kinabalu. Wait...what? Singapore? YES! I went to Singapore for a 3 days trip with mum & dad.


I will blog more about it on my next post. Ngehehe~

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