Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Should We Exercise

Flabby arms are what women always complaint about. Including me. Last time, when I used to be a school athlete, I have no problem with my arms. I represented my school in shot-putt (that was the first time I met Mr. D) and also discus throw.

As years goes by, I became lazy. I seldom work my body out. I didn't involved myself much in sports. I still do sit-ups but only few times in a week. I only go for a jog when my friend brings me. Plus, eating burgers for dinner every night is usual for me. I gained 10kg in a year.

After gaining 10 kg, it was a wake up call for me. Luckily for me I stand at 5' 5" , so I didn't look fat. Chubby cheeks, quite big ass and breast (blame the fats). What surprises me was my waist maintained just like that. Maybe because of those few sit-ups exercises that I've been doing 3-4 times a week. Or maybe it's because of my younger age, those fats didn't prefer to stay at my waist but other body parts. *smirk*


For another year, I control what I eat and did few exercises but like people say, it's easy to gain weight but to lose that weight, it's a pain in the ass. I chose not to do pain in the ass exercises, I just exercise when I feel like doing it. Running up the hill (way to my house is going uphill), jogging with my brother and I even bought few exercise CDs. Here I can tell you, it is hard to discipline yourself with food and also exercise. My intention to lose weight comes and goes. I didn't give 100% at all but that willpower is still there.

After another year, I managed to lose 4 kg (what? It takes you 2 years to shed off 4 damn kilos?) *laughs*


Then, tada! Magically I lost another 6 kg around 2010 because of my problems in life. What problems? Any you can name it problems that makes me lose my appetite problems :) I know that's not a healthy way to lose weight and I AM NOT ENCOURAGING YOU TO DO IT. In 4 days, I lost 4 kg. I didn't eat at all. I drink only plain water. Thank you Macy for being there for me. BMI was still in normal condition though, don't worry.

Long story short, the day I realized that my body was like a walking zombie, I started to eat normally. And slowly I gained 4 kg. I kept myself busy for the whole year.

(Sorry I cannot find my walking zombie photo :P)

However, when I joined Unduk Ngadau, I felt like I should reduce my weight. So, I decided to go with low carb diet. Means, no rice and meat for me. I managed to lose 3 kg in perhaps, 6 months? Exercises such as sit-ups and jogging helped me too in reducing my weight.


That perfect weight of mine was successfully maintained by me until I started working at my current company now. *screams*

In just 1 month, I gained 4 kg. OMG! Blame those 1 week Kursus Induksi which provided 4 meals a day to us. Rice, meat and other to-die-for food. I skipped dinner at home because my stomach is already so full. I know at this point you can imagine that my weight is like riding a roller coaster in Genting Highlands. Hihihaha. My body type is the type that when I consumed a lot of food, my weight will definitely shoots up but when I reduce my food intake, it will eventually goes down fast too.

After 4 kg
(sorry can't find half-body picture)

I told myself to stop increasing my weight. 4 kg is enough!

Currently, I am back with my no rice and no meat diet and did my exercise frequently too. I lost 2 kg after 1 month. Now I still have 2 more kilograms to go! Yeehaaa~ I don't want to lose more than that or else I will look too thin. Too thin is not pretty to me. As long as I'm not under or overweight,  I will be more than happy.

To date: Lost 2 kg

Oh I almost forgot. Flabby arms! That's actually my main topic for this post. Aiya.

Here you go, I wanted to share with you a video from Youtube on how to tone those flabby arms! I've just started doing this exercise yesterday. So let's see the results after 1 month.

There are a lot of other videos as well. You can always search for them yourself. Maybe you can share any good arms toning exercise video to me?

P/S: Why should we exercise? To lose weight by starving yourself will make you look like a zombie. In other words, lose weight by exercising and controlling your food intake. You will look damn good! Better than a zombie. Hihihaha. I have experienced it before. That's why I know T_T

Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya 2011


Saya pun tidak mahu ketinggalan untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada kawan-kawan di mana sahaja anda berada.

Selamat Hari Raya,
Maaf zahir dan batin,
Jangan terlampau makan biskut raya,
Sampai bertin-tin!

May God bless each and everyone of us.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

California King Bed - Rihanna

Quick post. Been neglecting the blog not because of busy life but I just don't have any idea what to blog about.

Rihanna's latest single, California King Bed. My latest favourite song in the radio!

I heard this song from the radio and did not know what's the title/ singer of the song. I Google-ed for the word 'Californication' because I thought she sings 'Californication' at the 'California King Bed' lyrics part. Hahaha.

Here's the official video clip:

And not forgetting the lyrics:

Chest to chest
Nose to nose
Palm to palm
We were always just that close
Wrist to wrist
Toe to toe
Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose
So, how come when I reach out my finger
It feels like more than distance between us

In this California king bed
We're ten thousand miles apart
I've been California wishing on these stars
For your heart for me
My California king

Eye to eye
Cheek to cheek
Side by side
You were sleeping next to me
Arm in arm
Dusk to dawn
With the curtains drawn
And a little last night on these sheets
So, how come when I reach out my fingers
It seems like more than distance between us

In this California king bed

We're ten thousand miles apart
I've been California wishing on these stars
For your heart for me
My California king

Just when I felt like giving up on us
You turned around and gave me one last touch
That made everything feel better
And even then my eyes got wetter
So confused wanna ask you if you love me
But I don't wanna seem so weak
Maybe I've been California dreaming

In this California king bed
We're ten thousand miles apart
I've been California wishing on these stars
For your heart for me
My California king
My California King

In this California king bed
We're ten thousand miles apart
I've been California wishing on these stars
For your heart for me
My California king 

P/S: 25 more days! Heee.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elia Si Jejari Runcing vs. Goalkeeper No. 1 Malaysia

Elia a.k.a blogger Si Jejari Runcing & KFCM a.k.a Khairul Fahmi a.k.a Malaysia's No. 1 Goalkeeper. Their names are both connected. Jejari (fingers) and goalkeeper? Both are about hands right. That's what I meant. Doesn't make sense? Whatever. Haha. *ignore the stupid statement*

Anyways, I am going to talk more about the lady because I do not know much about the guy. I only know that the guy is a goalkeeper. Harimau Malaya, Malaysia's football team No. 1 goalkeeper. Am I right?

How did I find out about Elia? Well, first of all, she is a blogger, like me. I really cannot recall how on Earth did I stumbled upon her sweet blog last time. Little did I know that this particular lady is KFCM's girlfriend back then. When I knew about it, I started to read her posts regarding how their love story is. I found out that she had been with this guy since he is a nobody. Yes. Nobody.

After a while, she posted at her blog that they were engaged! I was so glad for her that finally they've decided to move to another stage in their relationship. It was a beautiful Arab engagement theme. Suddenly, the day before yesterday, I found out that KFCM wanted to end their engagement. I was like, WHAT? Am I watching a drama or what? Visit here to know more about what the heck I'm talking about.

I am not going to criticize their relationship as I am not interested to do so. I just hope that they and all of us  will keep praying for them. Let God help and guide them what to do according to His plan.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weight issues

To tell you the truth I have gained 3 kg in just ONE FREAKING MONTH. My BMI is still normal but I really don't want this extra 3 kg. Sorry to say. If this trend continues until the end of the year, I will kill myself. No la just kidding bah. I am not going to let it happen so let's start a healthy lifestyle.

My type of body is makan banyak this week, next week tambah berat badan and makan sikit this week, next week turun berat badan. Just like that. I know that our body needs exercise everyday. If not everyday maybe selang one day la.

As for me, I just have to get back at my no rice & no meat diet. That's all I have to do and after a month, my weight will be back to the numbers that I wanted. Hopefully my body metabolism is still the same as before.

Want some proof? Let me show these 2 pictures to you. Chubby cheeks will be the indicator that I've gained weight. Angle of picture taken is hardly the issue here. Even hairstyle is also NOT the issue.

After gaining 3 kg
Oh well. Good luck to me! I need to shed those 3 kg because I want to look good in pictures during my birthday in September and also my 'special' day :)

Will reveal to you what my 'special' day is about when the time comes ok? Take care!

Who is your YouTube Hair Guru?

Mine is none other than lilithedarkmoon !! She is very pretty and I adore her accent. She have this gorgeous blonde hair that I know that will never suit me well because of my tan skin colour.

For those of you who have already known her, all her tutorials are very quick and easy to learn right?

Don't believe me? Ok. Let's watch 1 of my favourite tutorial from her which is called the 'waterfall braid hairstyle' :)

Now all of us can have different hairstyles each day to wear to work, classes and etc.

Those of you can visit her channel at YouTube to find out more about her and her hairstyles.

Good luck!

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