Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am not a girl, not yet a woman

No. This post is not about one of Britney's song. I do admit that I stole her song title though :p

Where do we start? Hm. In my last post, I told you that I am pursuing my Master's under Dr. Annita in UMS kan. Read this post. Well, I decided to postponed that dream due to several personal matters. Wah. Macam mahu apply cuti pula. 'Personal matter' konon.

Long story short, I went to search for jobs and I was so stressed out due to the finding-the-right-job-for-me-is-so-hard problem :) Read this post. I was waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting........................ then, FINALLY!! Ta-da~~ I have found one!!

Been working here for 5 weeks now. Yay! I am so proud of myself. The pay is good too. Thank you God for listening to my prayers. Boring bah di rumah. Hee.

Oh ya. Silly me. Forgot to tell you what and where I am working now. Hihi. I am working in a construction company as an engineer. NOT! How come an aquaculturist can suddenly become engineer oh. Haha. Ok. Serious suda ni. Ever heard of Admin/ Operation Assistant? 

Ya. That's what I am doing now. Experiencing clerical work which is so darn interesting. Not only I become a clerk but apparently my skills in computer also helps what. One day my boss asked 'Steffy, kamu pandai ubah ini setting di komputer ka? Kenapa tidak boleh nampak video CCTV di stor kita ini?' *sigh*

I did whatever I know with my knowledge of so called an ex-cyber cafe assistant & kuat main game punya perempuan BUT I still can't solve the CCTV problem. Little did I know that it was the anti-virus which blocked us from viewing the live-streaming video from CCTV. (Monologue: Macamana kau blh lupa oo Steffy. Selalu kalau install game yang crack mmg mau disable dulu itu Kaspersky kan. Apa laaaaaa~) Perghhh!

*Any cracked game/ software or some live-streaming video is identified as virus by Kaspersky* For those who doesn't know about what I am talking about

I am so ashamed of myself. Lol. Saya malu menggelar diri ini seorang gamer. Haha

Back to our topic :) Sorry I drifted away. So excited to tell you about not-an-admin-supposed-to-know stuff bah. Admin work involved a lot of typing & photocopy machine skills. Everyday ada ja mau taip. Ada ja mau fotostat. I have to do filing too. Sometimes requires creativity. Contoh: Buat name card. Boring suda mau cerita pasal kerja~ Yang lain pandai la fikir sendiri. Kerja ofis la. Xda yang interesting pun. Akaka

I love my job very much :) New things to learn everyday. Gaining experience while waiting for any job which relates to what I am expert in a.k.a Fisheries!! I don't want to waste my Degree just like that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Award

Yesh~ we all are beautiful

Tidak kira jejaka atau wanita..

Kita semua adalah cantik belaka

Tagged to all of YOU!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Friend

I went to the clinic just now and decided to go to Donggongon to tapau some mihun. Then I stopped at Petronas Donggongon to buy 100 plus drink. Drinking 100 plus is good when you had diarrhoea :) When I got back to the car I heard this fellow miau-ing. I search for her and found her under a black Viva which was parked in front of me. I took her home because I want to provide shelter for her bah.

I fed and gave her a bath. So smelly la this cat haha yet so adorable. Very manjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ After a few days, mmg dia wangi ni. Cnfirm punya :P

Later at night I am going to pass her to a person that I truly know will care and love her with all his heart :) Di rumah susa mau pelihara kucing, my anjing all ganas to the max :(

Thanks Mr. D. I know Ketod will be gumuk and happy under your care.

I want to take care of all the stray animals who's wandering around here and there. If I had the money, I will open a shelter for animals and those of you who want to adopt them, please come! Wow. My big ambition ni

Facts about guys

I like no. 19 & 20 :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship

I stumbled upon this article when I was reading a magazine in the ferry from Menumbok to Labuan the other day. It's not the same information but it's almost similar. I got another interesting article to share with you but will blog about it in my next post perhaps.

Sharing the bed together can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Sometimes your partner might be all cuddled up with you, other times they may become blanket thieves in the night or even push you right out of bed (unintentionally we hope!)

If you’ve ever wondered if how you sleep beside each other at night might give a few clues to your relationship, you could be right.

Here are some common sleep positions that might shed a little light on your relationship:

One of the most commonly known sleep positions, this is where both couples sleep very close together facing the same direction while the outside person puts an arm around you. This sleeping position can be a sign of security/protection (think like sleeping with a teddy bear) and that you are deeply in love with each other.

Just Touching
This sleep position is most common in couples have been together for a long time. In the just touching sleep position, you and your partner may sleep apart but something is always touching such as your hands or feet. It typically signifies you care about each other deeply but getting a comfortable night’s sleep is important, too.

Far Apart, Not Touching
This sleep position generally is one associated with partners who feel distant from each other. They may sleep on complete opposite sides of the bed and are often facing in opposite directions. This position may signal that the intimacy aspect of your relationship needs attention or other stressful factors might be affecting your relationship.

Sleeping Hug
In this position, both partners face each other in a hug. It is the closest of the sleep positions, as you and your partner are directly in connection and view of each other. This position can signal you are very deep in love and are open with each other. It can also get uncomfortable though, so don’t feel like you’re in trouble if you don’t sleep this way all night long.

The Rest Your Head on the Shoulder Position
This sleeping position is when one partner lies flat on their back and the other partner sleeps resting his or her head on their partner’s shoulder while laying on his or her side. This sleep position usually shows that the partners are comforted by each other and support each other emotionally.

If you and your partner are tossing and turning in bed, don’t worry unless you have other signs of relationship problems. Every person has different sleep styles, so just because your partner and you may have different sleep styles does it mean you don’t have a deep and loving relationship.

It’s also important to remember getting a good night’s rest is the most important – when both partners sleep well they are less likely to be irritable or get into petty arguments.

- Courtesy of ItMightBeLove -

Bye long hair.

Today, after work, I went to e-Noveal to remove my long hair. What?! What long hair? My hair extension bah. Hee. Yes. My hair was magically long because of this technology and no I didn't eat any 'baja' to make the hair super long :) Read my previous post here, if you don't know what I am talking about right now.

FYI, your hair will still break whether you asked them to use 'tali' to tie the hair extension to your hair. From what I have known after I had my hair extension on me, they are 2 ways or I can say a LOT of ways the hair extension can be tied, using clips or 'tali' or you can refer to this website or you can google it for yourself.

Mine? They used clips. And I would like to inform you that tidak kira apa cara pun itu rambut kena kasi sambung, memang ada juga rambut ko akan putus sbb kena braid kan.

Well, we all girls know that whatever we did to our hair, confirm ada side effect punya. Dye ka, keriting ka, rebonding ka and etc.. So, advice to my friends out there who wanted to do hair extension, ready ja la ar banyak rambut putus.. Huhu.. Mcm sa td, sikit lg mau nangis.. Tapi apa boleh buat, siapa suruh minta puji mau buat hair extension.

31 ways to make a girl smile

Kesian la no. 25.. bahahaha~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love the gifts.

Guess what.. 'guess' ar..

Besides the beautiful flowers, I also got a Guess perfume from 'Si Kawan'. He bought it for me in Labuan last week. As my late birthday gift (since 13 September) and as a convo gift as well.

There were loads of perfume and I had some trouble in choosing the right perfume but I can always trust this matter on him. So, he picked this one for me.

And oh, it comes with a cute pink bag too. Even though I am not a fan of pink stuff but it's so cute la. Bag or pouch? Sama la tu bah :D

From him

This flower is from him :)

'Steffy Ariadne,

Congratulations on your convocation day!

From: Si Kawan'

Monday, October 11, 2010

This is awkward.

It will sound a bit weird but I think I like you.
When I first saw you, my heart stopped beating and that was few years ago.
I said to myself that it will be impossible for you to even notice me.
Well, I am a nobody if compared to others who are more outstanding than me.
Then, things started to turn around.
The Lord seems to hear my prayers.

That day, on that special day I was so happy.
You smiled at me.
Maybe it was just a coincidence.
God's miracles work in many ways.
What a wonderful feeling it was.
But, that was it. I wonder when will we meet again.
You are from there and I am from here.
However, I kept that moment secured in my head.
And when I re-played it in my mind, I smiled.
You made me feel happy again.
Thank you for making me feel appreciated even with a smile.

After all of these while, I suffered when it came to love.
I learned a lot. I learned everything.
I am still young. I am still searching for my own self.
I am still learning to love myself first.
I don't want to waste my time in doing and deciding on things which makes me sad all the time.
I want to live as how I am supposed to live.
According to His plans.
I must be able to take care of myself.
I must protect myself from getting hurt.
Well, I fall down a lot of times but now it is time for me to get up again.
Prove to everybody that I am a strong, independent and lovable woman.

- Anonymous -

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My 1st flat tyre experience

Pajero magically flattened it's tyre yesterday near Sembulan on my way back home after work. What did I do? Who was the 1st person I called? Seseorang yang mengambil berat tentang I la ok :)

That person helped me with Pajero and sent me home *clap hands*

Thank you very much *wink*

P/S: Actually I can change the tyre myself but I bet sampai mlm pun x terbuka 1 nat pun di tayar tu

Friday, October 1, 2010

Still Got The Blues

This song really 'kena' me you know. Hahahaha. Coincidence ka? Tadi bah ni masa on the way driving p kerja. Suria.Fm Othoe & Dudu p pasang. Nah. Apa lg. Feeling terus si kwn :D

Still Got The Blues - Gary Moore

Used to be so easy to give my heart away.
But I found out the hard way,
there's a price you have to pay.
I found out that love was no friend of mine.
I should have known time after time.

So long, it was so long ago,
but I've still got the blues for you.

Used to be so easy to fall in love again.
But I found out the hard way,
it's a road that leads to pain.
I found that love was more than just a game.
You're playin' to win, but you lose just the same.

So long, it was so long ago,
but I've still got the blues for you.

So many years since I've seen your face.
Here in my heart, there's an empty space
where you used to be.

So long, it was so long ago,
but I've still got the blues for you.

Though the days come and go,
there is one thing I know.
I've still got the blues for you.

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