Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Future of children and mothers in Malaysia

Today we (representatives of several breastfeeding support groups in Malaysia) visited the office of the Deputy Minister of Health. 

We speak from the heart and because of that got a little emotional. 

We spoke about the future of children and mothers in Malaysia. And of the fate that will befall if the behavior of the milk powder industry is not constantly monitored and regulated.

From our point of view, the FM industry has consistently violated the existing marketing ethics. So when our groups were called to give our views and ideas about how to strengthen the existing code in the 5th review conference (since it existed in 1979), we were very pleased and welcomed the involvement.

But after more than 10 months of meetings and discussions, we felt as if the industry is like a naughty child who was stretching his luck finding opportunity to bend the rules, and to even try opening the ‘door’ wider for the sake of maintaining the 'right' to rampantly market and promote their products.

The victims are women and children who did not know about the existence of the code which PROTECTS their rights - namely, the rights of babies to begin life with breastfeeding and continue until 2 years or more, and starting from 6 months of age, family food should be introduced. The industry did not respect this aspiration comprehensively. They just want to ‘look good', behaving as if they have respected the wish of the mother and the baby to exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months. Outside of that environment, they desperately want the government and everyone to accept their 'special gift' - milk for pregnant women, nursing mothers milk, milk for the baby stage one, two, three and so on, milk for older children, milk for school children, milk for adults and milk for the elderly. In short, milk from birth to the grave. Amazing is it?! The Malaysian diet – Formula Milk! They ignored that Malaysia is a country rich with authentic healthy natural food. They portrayed their formulations as enabling a child growing up with ‘a great brain and becoming an astronaut someday’. That's the message delivered in their advertisements and promotions when they are not monitored. That upsets us!

We also expressed our disappointment with the attitude of professional health practitioners and certain health associations who stood against us saying 'what's wrong' to receive contributions from these companies to subsidize or pay for health conferences or research studies, which should be free from any 'conflict of interest'. All this had been long accepted and practiced in all major associations such as OGSM, MPA, NSM and more. When they opened their mouth saying 'what's wrong', that's when our country is most affected..

There are also health practitioners who conspired with these companies receiving donations in the form of money or goods in organizing various programs in their health centers. The give out free samples and become ‘knowledge agents’ to the 'victims' who do not know their rights, When these practices becomes commonplace, they are no longer considered wrong.

That was our long and heartfelt concerns. Thank you Deputy Minister for taking the time to listen to us. He smiled a lot, without giving much response. But my heart indeed felt a little lighter, being heard.. 
At the end of the visit, he commented, "This is the first time I presided over a meeting where the chairman was not given an opportunity to speak!". Ooops!

Thank you my fellow advocates who gave their strong opinions and added much weight in our meeting with the Ministry of Health Malaysia. We will march to Parliament next!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pertandingan Mewarna Terbuka kepada Murid Sekolah Rendah sempena HPPNS 2014

Pertandingan Masakan Ikan GIFT Tillapia (Air Tawar) Terbuka untuk Orang Awam sempena HPPNS 2014

Pertandingan Memasak Secara Langsung Ikan GIFT Tilapia (Air Tawar) sempena HPPNS 2014

Festival Agromakanan Sabah Sempena HPPNS Tahun 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Delivery

28 September 2014
7.00 pm
Had dinner at Hung Xing Seafood Restaurant at Jalan Kobusak to celebrate mum's and Steven's birthday which falls on 29th and 30th September.

10.00 pm
Tengah tengok Akademi Fantasia la kunun semangat mau tengok Firman nyanyi tapi lambat betul turn dia ni. Last2 sa ngantuk & rasa mau baring. So sa masuk la bilik p tidur. Mild contractions (macam biasa la sakit dia) but every 10 minutes la dia datang. 

10.20 pm
Start rasa strong contractions. Every 10 minutes. Sakit dia lain betul dari yang biasa sebab sangat kuat ni tu contractions. Wanted to wake Darryl up because I feel I really want to go to Rafflesia Medical Centre (RMC) sudah tapi perasaan masih 2 hati sebab kesian bah dia kepenatan dari tournament Bola Baling since morning. Injured lagi paha dia.

12.00 am
Last2 sa whatsapp kawan sa si Helena, asked for her opinion. Lepas tu baru sa decide memang better sa pigi la ni RMC. My gut tells me to go.

12.20 am
Lalu sa pun mandi la. Masak air panas. Sa cuci rambut, pakai air sejuk ja. Gila sejuk tengah malam. Air hujan lagi tu. Huhuhu. Main kasi tunduk ja tu kepala sebab sa bukan jenis tahan mandi air sejuk bah. Tahan ja la tu sejuk dia. Contractions datang, sa main tahan ja sakit dia. Then air suda masak, sa mandi la air suam tuang di badan. Pastu datang lagi contractions, tahannnnn saja sakit. Lepas mandi, sa blow dry rambut pakai hair dryer. After finish getting ready, finally I wake Darryl up. Barang semua memang sudah standby dalam kereta since 37 weeks pregnant. Bingung2 bah si Darryl. Semua ini berlaku dengan tenangnya ok. Tidak payah la mau panik2. Siapa yang kenal sa, memang tahu sudah style sa tu camana. Tenangggg ja. Siok kan ada bini gini. Sempat lg ba puji diri sendiri :P

1.00 am
Jalan to RMC. Weeee. Darryl drive pun steady ja 60-70 km/hour begitu. Relax aje. Sambil sa menahan contractions. Hembus nafas dalam-dalam, tarik nafas dalam-dalam. That's the technique kalau mau tahan sakit contractions and try to relax la. Oh ya, ada roadblock polis lagi tu sana highway depan new RTM building. 

1.30 am
Sampai RMC sudah. Yay. Darryl bilang x payah la dulu bawa barang. But last2 dia bawa juga beg saya. Hahahaha. Naik la kami ni p 1st floor. Kena check blood pressure, pulse and temperature. Lepas tu, kena bawa p sana Labour Room untuk cek bukaan.

2 org nurse cek bukaan sa. Yg nurse no. 1 tidak dapat agak bukaan sa, so dia panggil nurse no. 2 pula. Nurse no. 2 bilang 6cm. Wooooo. I thought baru 4cm dilated konon. Rupanya 6cm sudah pula. So, dorg pun prepare la barang segala. Nurse no. 1 cukur la yang di 'sana', geli ni sa rasa, ketawa dia. "Ko tidak biasa cukur ka?", dia tanya.  "Biasa cukur sendiri, belum pernah orang lain yang cukur", sa bilang. LOL

Lepas tu, kena suru p kencing and tukar baju. Then masuk balik sana Labour Room. Sa tanya nurse no. 1, "Di sinilah sa baring ni? Tidak payah baring di sana katil 8C?". Dia jawab "Ya. Di sinilah ba kau. Supaya tidak susah2 lagi sa mau angkat kau nanti". Dia tanya if sa suda berak, I said sudah berak tadi di rumah sebelum jalan p sini.

Fetal heart rate and contractions were monitored using their CTG machine. Kena strap la tu benda di perut tu. Not comfortable at all. Mesti pandai cari angle mau baring miring. Sambil datang contractions lagi tu mau cari angle. Sa minta Darryl kasi kawan sa sekejap, tapi sa kesian dia tidak cukup rehat. Dia bilang dia tidur di kereta ja la sementara menunggu. Sa suru dia tidur sana katil 8C tapi dia tidak mahu. So, Darryl slept in the car while waiting.

I tried to pray rosary while waiting for dilation but pasal terlampau sakit, sa dapat pray 1 joyful mysteries ja ni. Lepas tu sepanjang masa sa menahan kesakitan contractions sambil tarik hembus nafas dalam2.

Setelah beberapa lama baring, sa bgtau nurse boleh ka p tandas, tidak boleh dia bilang. Sa mau kencing sa bilang. Terus dia letak la tampui di punggung sambil sa baring atas katil. Lalu sa pun kencing.

4.20 am
Nurse no. 1 cek bukaan. Sa harap2 10cm sebab sa rasa macam mau beranak sudah betul and tidak dapat tahan rasa sakit. Sekali dia bilang, "Baru 8cm. Jam 6 am la kali baru ko mau beranak ni". "Lama juga mau 10 cm ni", sa bilang. "Biasa la tu kalau anak pertama, tahan ja la", dia bilang.

4.30 am
Felt strong urge to push. Betul2 rasa macam mau terberak ni. Nurse no. 2 cakap, "Tarik nafas hembus nafas, belum lagi boleh teran tu, baru 8cm". Sa try la tarik nafas hembus nafas balik2 tapi sama juga betul2 rasa mau berak and beranak. Last2, dia p cek bukaan sa, nah, 10cm sudah ah! They quickly alerted Dr. Sutha. Pastu sa sempat lagi call Darryl and said IT'S TIME!

5.00 am
Action time!
Pushed for 10 minutes but Dr. Sutha said not strong enough. Put IV. Another 5 minutes, not strong enough also. She decided to assist with manual vacuum and said doesn't mean I don't have to push. Another 5 minutes baby came out! Then I realized that I actually didn't push the correct way during the first 15 minutes. Patut kasi relax yang di sana 'bawah' tu and punggung jangan kasi naik. Sa tidak sedar yang I kept on putting my ass up. Odoi dogo. Napa la lepas 15 minit baru sa sedar =_=" Time 5 minit terakhir tu, sa relax and berabis tolak punggung sa ke bawah and both hands di bawah paha and berabis teran yang macam mau kasi berak taik yang sangat2 keras tu, lepas 3 kali teran (part ini mesti cun curi nafas ok) baby pun keluar :) fuhhhhh

Time kepala baby keluar tu, tidak rasa sakit pun. Bila kepala baby suda keluar, blup blup blup cepat ja keluar tu baby. Tiada rasa apa2. Maybe sebab suda kena bius di "sana" kan.

When they put the baby on my lap, sa macam tergamam ni. Macam tidak percaya ada baby keluar dari saya. Believe it or not! Sa tengok muka dia, badan, kaki, tangan semua. Warna dia. 1st time nampak baby yang baru kena kasi beranak kan. Sempat lagi ba sa examine. Sampai sa lupa mau pegang dia. Haizzzzzz. Patut sa pegang dia ba tu terus. Tapi ini saya tengok ja dia.

5.20 am
Sofia Suminundu was born! Healthy baby girl! Weight: 3.15 kg Length: 48.5cm
Crying for a while then sleep soundly after they clean her. During measurement she just diam2. Good girl!

Darryl stayed in the labour room the whole time by my side. Holding my back and supported me. I love you so much Darryl Hamzah. I know it was hard for you to see me in labour but you really did a very good job! Sayanggggg hubbyyy

Then Dr. Sutha proceeded to deliver the placenta. Kasi bersih clear bagus2 itu uterus and everything inside. Time dia jahit tu pun, sa tidak rasa apa2 juga. Kena kasi bersih pakai alcohol pun tidak rasa pedih. Sa ingat pedih ni =_=". Sebab pernah terbaca di blog orang lain bah, pedih kunun dorg bilang. Kali pasal kena bius tu la sa x rasa pedih kan? Au di noihaan.


Thanks everyone for reading my pregnancy and giving birth story. Sharing is caring! Lain orang lain pengalaman kan. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I am Pregnant! (3rd Trimester)

Third Trimester (7-9 months)

28 weeks
9 July - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa doktor. Current weight: 74.3 kg. Glucose showed normal result. Syukur! I was afraid that my glucose melebihi tahap normal sebab kalau lebih, nah tiap 2 minggu la kena monitor glucose ko. Doc said my placenta macam rendah (low lying placenta) but she thinks it will shift to a higher position when my uterus stretches. Estimated fetal weight: 1.1 kg. Dr. Sutha also told me the same thing about my placenta and she also said not to worry la.

No visible strectch marks yet. Kaki pun tidak bengkak. But my right wrist, asal awal pagi mesti sakit. Since early pregnancy begitu ni. I think masuk 2nd trimester, dia makin sakit. Masuk 3rd trimester, tambah sakit. Mahu p sinsang tapi dorg bilang sinsang pun x mau urut tu if pregnant. So, x la sa p. Sendiri ja urut letak minyak angin. Huhu. Hopefully after beranak dia hilang la.

Everyday sa start suda pakai pantyliner sebab ada mucus discharge. As long as it's white/clear fluid and odourless, it's considered as normal.

I am still driving to work.

Started to count fetal movements. Monitor from 9 am for how long it takes for baby to complete 10 movements (kicks, flutters, swishes or rolls). My baby is a very active baby indeed. Bah bapa mama atlit kan. Tidak hairan la dia pun terikut kami dua.

I am growing inside you mummy!
29-30 weeks
22 July - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa doktor. Current weight: 75.9 kg. Kepala baby di bawah. Estimated fetal weight: 1.7 kg. Placenta kena check balik and yes the doctor was right. Tidak sudah terlampau rendah kedudukan dia. It shifted to higher position due to my uterus stretching. Yippie! Thank you Jesus! Saya mau beranak normal bah. Susah mau beranak normal if you have low lying placenta, terpaksa operate tu. Sebab tu pathway kena blok kan, susah la baby mau limpas ada placenta di sana poinsokot (melekat).

Start sudah susah mau tidur malam. Sometimes terbangun 3-4 kali bah mau p tandas. Kepala baby betul2 d bawah sudah kan menekan bladder.

31-32 weeks

5 August - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 76.8 kg. Blood pressure and urine test all normal.

6 August - Meeting at HQ. During lunch ate sandwich, 3 biji kuih raya, 4 biji buah rambutan padahal suda makan nasi + lauk. OMG tolong la Steffiana.

This week sa tidak drive sudah. Darryl hantar. Kecuali terpaksa baru drive sendiri (attend meeting, clinic review and etc). Tidak selesa bah mau drive. Perut pandai mengeras kan.

7 August - Appointment at Rafflesia Medical Centre. Current weight 77.4 kg. Dr. Sutha said I've almost reached maximum quota for weight gained during pregnancy which is 12 kg. Oops! Susah mau kasi turun balik if more than that. So, mesti mau control makan la ni. Jangan terlampau makan manis and carbs. Balik2 makan kek ja sa ni. Bkn kek alang2 lg, Secret Recipe ba. Oreo Cheese Cake, Chocolate Indulgence, Cheeze Choc. Yummyyyyy!

Dr. Sutha said baby's face maybe ikut daddy. Muka Korea la ni. LOL
Do I look pregnant enough? :D Baru besar kan my saiz perut.
33 weeks
19 August - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 78.0 kg. Adoi naik lagi berat.

35 weeks

Tummy is getting bigger
Start suda muncul stretch marks. Sa pakai Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) ja untuk sapu stretch marks to reduce the itchiness.

36 weeks
Starting to have Braxton Hicks Contractions. Berat baby 2.9 kg. Jeng3. Syukur kaki tidak bengkak.

3 Sept - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa doktor. Current weight: 80.5 kg. Everything normal. Doc suru datang klinik on 1 October if belum lagi beranak.

5 Sept - Appointment at Rafflesia Medical Centre. Current weight: 79.4 kg. Aik? Turun pula berat badan. Ini sebab belum breakfast.

Hello! I am now 2.9 kg!

9 Sept - Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Nurse. Current weight: 79.5 kg. Everything is normal.

Still working my ass off at work.

37 weeks
Berabis mau kasi siap kerja di ofis. Double-checked job handover list.

38 weeks

17 September - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 79.5 kg. Kaki tidak bengkak. Nurse pun hairan. Bagus oh kaki ko tidak bengkak dia bilang.

20 September - Rafflesia Medical Centre. Baby's weight 3.1 kg. Dr. Sutha praised me for maintaining my weight. LOL. Baby's position inside tummy is good. Head size is just nice and she's confident that I am capable enough to handle that size during labour.

Can't wait to meet my mummy and daddy
Saya pun tidak percaya perut gini ada baby 3.1 kg di dalam
At work - Gave my job handover lists to my superiors and lab staff. Sempat lagi bos go through the list with me. Takut dia terlepas perkara yang penting untuk diselesaikan secepat mungkin.

39 weeks
24 September - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 80 kg. Nurse reminded me to go to hospital immediately if there are any labour signs (blood show, strong/regular contractions or water breaks).

Start ambil cuti sudah until 30 Oktober dengan alasan mau relax di rumah konon. Relax apa. Last Friday (19 September), saya sengaja ambil cuti la sebab the day before ada 2 kali sa contractions yang saya rasa mcm lebih kuat daripada yang biasa time di office. Nah bila di rumah, taik kucing la sa relax. Di sana la juga sa membersihkan bilik saya dan menyisih/ menyusun barang-barang ke dalam kotak. 5S bah. Siap berlabel lagi tu kotak tu. Meh. They say it's an early sign of labour (nesting instinct). Hormon ibu mengandung ler tew.

So what I did today is, saya membersihkan stor bilik di rumah. Gerigitan betul sa nampak. I sorted everything and put everything inside big plastic bags according to their category. Macam2 la ada, beg la, baju la, souvenirs la and miscellaneous stuff. Suda masuk plastic, sa susun cantik2 itu plastik. Then cover dia pakai kain supaya tidak berhabuk. Itu laci pun, odoi dogo. Sa susun balik barang di dalam. Malas sa tngk bercampur aduk. Bida btul. Nasib bkn barang sa di dalam tu laci. If x, suda sa p letak divider. Alaaa mcm yg sa buat di ofis tu. Like this one ba.

Then, baru sa jalan p ruma parents. Online di sana lor. Relax2. Main sama Whiskey, Silver, Wira and Moki. Pusing2 ruma jalan2 kejap exercise. Life is such a bliss!

25 September - Awal pagi lagi sudah jalan p ruma parents. Breakfast di sana lor. Then online sampai malam. Huahuahua. Mcm zaman remaja pula, online ja kerja. Sakit la buhus sbb duduk ja kan. Time pregnant lagi ni, susah betul mau atur posisi duduk. Mesti mau ada byk cushion la, tmpt sandar pun mau cushion la. If x, sakit tu punggung pandai cramp.

26 September - Same like yesterday, awal pagi lagi p ruma parents, but beza dia ada dorg mummy kasi tinggal kain di washing machine minta tolong sa kasi jemur. Mentang2 la kan anak perempuan ko ada d ruma kan mummy. Hahahaha. Asked mummy to buy coconut pudding from Salut for me. Mum sampai ja rumah, nah terus sa makan bah dgn lahapnya. Yummy!

Then the interesting part happened......jeng3

Ada 2 times bah contractions yang sangat kuat dan tidak selesa. It lasted for around 30-60 seconds. Mcm 1 hour gap dia attack. Around 4pm and 5pm kali tu. Masih juga boleh tahan sakit dia. Tidak la sampai meraung kesakitan macam rasa mau mati tu ok. I thought oh maybe sa terlampau duduk ni 1 hari dpn laptop dari kelmarin. So, I decided to walk around the house. Turun naik bukit itu jalan naik rumah. Slowly la sa turun and naik. Time turun tu kan, ada rasa contractions, tapi sa buat dek ja. Tarik hembus nafas ja slowly to tahan sakit. Time naik tu pun slowly juga. Punya la main opusakan (breathless bah/ sesak nafas). Dorg Whiskey pun heran tgk sa out of breath. Hahahahahaha. Ini la ni ibu mengandung ni masih lagi mau naik turun bukit kali bilang tu anjing.

Sudah naik atas rasa mau kencing la ni. Masuk la tandas. Sekali dalam tandas, I saw something. Blood show! On my pantyliner. Bah siapa yg kegelian sila muntah sekarang. LOLOLOLOLOL

Apa sa rasa time tu? Takut? Nervous? Sa rasa.......HAPPY! Sebab that's a sign yang sa mau dekat suda beranak. Finally! Sa takut overdue ba tu tapi mmg Dr. Sutha pun cakap kali ngam2 due date ni ko beranak, so sa confident jg la x overdue but at the same time still worried. Siapa la ba mau kena induce kan. X siok tu kena paksa beranak. Sangat sakit. Bgs lg if mmg automatik tu baby keluar, contractions semua pun automatic.

I called Darryl to let him know about it. Panik ba terus si kawan. Terpaksa dia cancel attend wedding reception kawan baik dia :'( Sa bilang lek ba hubby. Blm sakit pun perut sa. Kita jumpa di rumah dulu. Pastu tgk keadaan. If regular contractions sudah, baru kita jln p RMC sa bilang.

I told my parents about it too and as usual dorg pun dgn relaxnya bagitau lama lagi tu, kali ada beberapa hari lagi baru beranak tu. So sa pun relax la jg sbb sa pn rasa mcm tu.

So, bila sampai rumah......mmm bah...Tuhan ja yg tahu apa perasaan sa..long story short, sa menekankan kpd semua org bahawa bila suda regular contractions (every 5 minutes), baru jalan p RMC..biar la sakit dulu baru jln...

Even from what I've read pun bloody show is a sign that labour is just hours, days or even weeks away bah.

Webmd - The first stage is the longest part of labor and can last up to 20 hours. It begins when your cervix starts to open (dilate) and ends when it is completely open (fully dilated) at 10 centimeters. When the cervix dilates from 0 to 3 or 4 centimeters, contractions get stronger as time progresses. Mild contractions begin at 15 to 20 minutes apart and last 60 to 90 seconds. The contractions become more regular until they are less than 5 minutes apart. This part of labor (called the Latent Phase) is best experienced in the comfort of your home.

When the cervix dilates from 4 to 8 centimeters (called the Active Phase), contractions get stronger and are about 3 minutes apart, lasting about 45 seconds. You may have a backache and increased bleeding from your vagina (called the "bloody show"). Your mood may become more serious as you focus on the hard work of dealing with the contractions. You will also depend more on your support person.

Nah home dia bilang. Homeeeee. Gila la sa mau baring n menunggu di RMC berhari-hari. Punya main boring tu. Sa suka lg jalan2 sana cni. Lagi bagus for the contractions. Ntah2 kalau malam tu sa p ja RMC, kena suru balik rumah lagi kali sebab bru brp cm. Sa ada rasa risau jg takut2 baby lemas dlm perut. But baby masih goyang2 dlm perut, pusing sana sini, tendang kiri kanan and contractions still happening. Tidak la sa risau.

Biarpun this is my 1st pregnancy, I am confident with what I've read from pregnancy books. That is why sa tidak cepat panic and whatsoever. Tu la sa relaxxxxxx ja because I know what's happening with my body.

27 September - Morning p makan Mee Sup Pipin with Darryl, Jasemine, Obey and Nana sebab since Thursday lagi sa titiakan (teringin mau makan). Hohoho. Time makan tu, contractions mcm every 5 minutes ni. Tapi relax ja sa makan. Hahahahahaha.

Balik rumah after breakfast. Contractions? Mcm x suda every 5 minutes ni. Psl sudah makan kali. LOL. So, 1 hari stay di rumah. Boring gila. Hubby patut p Labuan ba tu tapi entah napa hari tu saya mau dia ada di sini. Jadi, terpaksa dia cancel. Huhu. Sorry hubby :'(

Mahu p attend wedding ceremony and reception uncle sa tapi Darryl bilang jgn la. So, x la kami p. Duduk diam2 ja la kami d rumah. Contractions pula getting irregular. From 15-20 minutes, it goes to 30-40 minutes pula. Bingung. Bila berdiri and berjalan di luar rumah baru ada contractions. LOL. Pasal terlampau boring, I decided to rest and sleep in the room. Slept from 4 to 6pm kali tu. Mcm 2 kali ja sa terbangun ada contractions. Apa la ni contractions sa ni. Ingat mau beranak suda. =_=" Woke up, mandi and cakap sama hby yg sa lapar. Minta hby goreng mee.

Lps mkn mee goreng, Darryl jln p training bola baling. Sa pula minta turun di rumah Jasemine. Brought my laptop and online sana. Around 10.30 pm, Darryl singgah saya and balik la kami rumah.

28 September - Hubby ada tournament bola baling di BSA Kolombong. I followed my parents to church. After mass, had breakfast at Mee Sup Atong. Balik rumah. Relax baca newspaper, tengok TV, online, tidur, makan and etc. Malam pula birthday dinner at Hung Xing Seafood Restaurant to celebrate mum's and Steven's birthday which is on 29th and 30th September. Ordered steamed grouper teochew style, broccoli with tauhu, lemon chicken, cornsoup and fried yam ring with pork.

29 September - THE DELIVERY

(,,,,,,to be continued)

Friday, September 26, 2014

I am Pregnant! (2nd Trimester)

I know. I know. Kamu excited suda kan. Sorry kasi suspense kamurang. Huahua. Mana siok kalau xda saspen saspen kan.

Jgn marah bah. In this post, baby's gender will be revealed! Yayyy~ So keep on reading!

Bah sambung cerita masuk second trimester.......

Second Trimester (4-6 months)
20 weeks
Less nauseous and appetite is getting better. Buli suda makan other food selain daripada ikan. During 1st trimester, mahu makan ikannnnnn ja. Ikan goreng, ikan masak lemak, ikan masak merah, ikan masak kicap, sweet and sour fish, steamed fish and whatever menu ikan yang kamu tahu la. No meat, no poultry. Geli sa makan. Nasib sayur saya makan oh. Darryl balik2 lg tu bawa p makan Mee Sup Pipin. Every single week! Luckily, that one I can eat. Bah sebab dia sup2 kan. Oh ya and rice.....sedappppp betul rice..before this I seldom eat rice, mau jaga badan la konon. For the sake of my baby, sa makan juga la nasi. Nasib boleh telan. Bread, noodles, bun, pau pun nasib saya boleh makan juga.

15 May - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 69.6 kg. Naik 3 kg within 1 month, terus itu nurse refer sama doctor bah. LOL. Healthy weight gain for a pregnant woman is 0.5 kg per week. Saya punya tu sudah terlebih. Lagipun patut 67.5 kg ja berat sa time tu. Received 1st dose of tetanus vaccine.

Apa tidak berabis naik berat badan. Baru balik dari Singapore kan. Berabis bah makan di sana. I can finish 2 person punya portion. Datang balik sudah appetite kan. Muahaha. Besides that, food in Singapore are to die for!

This week is the week where I think I can start to feel the baby moving inside me. Medical term is quickening .

Wikipedia: The first natural sensation of quickening may feel like a light tapping, or the fluttering of a butterfly. These sensations eventually become stronger and more regular as the pregnancy progresses. Sometimes, the first movements are mis-attributed to gas or hunger pangs

Actually the week before pun macam ada bah sa rasa, tapi sa ingat sa punya perasaan ja kali tu melebih-lebih. Or maybe it's just my imagination. Rasa dia kan macam time perut ko lapar/ kosong, then dia kruk-kruk ada gas dalam perut. So, belum lagi la sa excited, sebab dia macam fluttering of a butterfly, macam kalau ko rasa nervous tu terus tu perut ko macam ada butterfly bah. Get it already kan. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Even the nurse ada tanya if I do feel quickening already or not. I said ada tapi tidak sure. Ketawa ba tu nurse. =_____=" 1st time ba ngandung, ko ni nurse, bg la ba chance. Give me a break orang putih bilang.

21 weeks

Baby said: I want my daddy!
26 May - Appointment at Rafflesia Medical Centre. Arrived early. My name was called around 1.45 pm. Punya awal, sebab appointment 2.15 pm bah.  Dr. Sutha said dia ada caesarian nanti 2.00 pm. Terpaksa tunggu lama if x jumpa dia skrg. Darryl belum jalan dari office, so terpaksa masuk ja la. Kepala baby di bawah. Scan gender, but still baby tidak mahu tunjuk. Dia tahu kali sebab daddy dia tidak ada sana.

27 May -  Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 70.2 kg. My weight is supposed to be 68.5 kg. Continue to eat healthily nurse bilang.

Baby's quickening still not so strong but mmg sa confident sudah la dia yg moving tu.

22 weeks
Nothing much happened this week. Kaki tidak bengkak. Maybe because my baby bump isn't showing yet? So kaki pun tidak keberatan sama itu perut. Mangkali la kan. Bila p kedai cari seluar pun, itu salesgirl terkejut when I told her I am 4 months pregnant. She said, "Dulu saya mengandung 3 bulan pun itu perut sudah bulat macam bola oh." LOL

Colleagues pun cakap tidak nampak perut. They say maybe my kantung inside is big or saya mengandung di dalam. Ya, sa pun 1st time dgr ni semua. Bingung kan. Huahuahua. Ada pula terms mengandung dalam ni? Itu baby di sanaaaaaa dalam kali.

Oh ya. Terasa diri ini semakin kreatif ok. Kalau dulu, sorry la sa mau berkreatif ni. Malas mau fikir kan. But during this pregnancy period, I don't really have to think hard at all, the idea/ creativity just muncul begitu saja. Ting! Really helps with our 5S programme at the office.

23 weeks
10 June - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 71.5 kg. Kira ok suda la weight gain tu sebab naik 1 kg in 2 weeks kan. Fuh. Susah bah mau control the weight because tidak dapat exercise like before kan.

Furthermore, jeng3.....time ni la start suda mahu makan McD. Balik2 McD nopo. Fries, Chicken McDeluxe, Fillet-O-Fish, Pepsi, Iced Milo semua sa hentam. Padahal, during 1st trimester, sa muntah bah lps makan tu fries and fillet-o-fish. Odoi dogo. I told Dr. Sutha about it and she said 'Nah you think what is your baby trying to tell you?' HAHAHAHAHA. Mummy please don't eat junk/ fast food. Not good bah for me kali baby bilang.

24 weeks: Pun belum nampak macam wanita mengandung
24 weeks
I really don't feel beautiful at all. Sejak pregnant ni, my face banyak keluar oil seeds. I thought maybe hormone kan. Ada orang muka dia bertambah halus, glowing, cantik, berseri-seri time pregnant. Unlucky for me, saya punya muka jauh panggang dari api la halus or berseri-seri. Oh well, different people reacts differently to hormones.

Itu ketiak pun jadi hitam ah. Sa stop sudah pakai deodorant. Pakai bedak ja di badan and ketiak. I prefer medicated talc such as Aiken, at least tu ketiak tidak berbau so tidak ada lagi B.O. Body odour bah.

Sa sapu bedak sejuk di muka tiap mlm supaya sa rasa halus konon muka sa. Tidak pun halus. Cis. Sama juga gravel bilang si Darryl. LOLOLOLOLOL

Tiap malam ba tengok perut depan cermin and tiap malam cakap kecil oh perut saya kannnnn sampai si Darryl stress dengar bini dia mengomel. Huahuahua. Nasib la laki sa ni sabarrrrrrrr ja sama bini dia.

25-26 weeks
I stopped going to facial. For the sake of my baby la. Not good bah if you lie down too long. Plus, tidak comfortable tu. Ko rasa macam ada benda berat atas perut/ dada ko.

Babycenter: If you typically sleep on your back, it's safe to continue doing so through the first trimester. But as your uterus gets heavier around mid-pregnancy, it's best to choose another position.
When you lie on your back, the weight of your uterus presses on the major vein that returns blood from your lower body to your heart. Lying on your back for an extended period of time could make you feel dizzy. It could also interfere with the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta and your developing baby.

My appetite is getting better and better. Morning sickness pun macam hilang sudah. Yahuu. Nasib oh my morning sickness only lasted for 3 months. Thank God. Ada orang the whole 9 months tu muntah. Ada orang pula langsung tidak ada morning sickness. Bikin jeles kan. Hohoho. Untung la siapa2 yang doesn't have to suffer from morning sickness.

27 weeks
4 July - Check glucose (2nd MOGTT) at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. To those of you who doesn't know how MOGTT is conducted, dia simple ja bah. The day before glucose test, you have to fast from 12.00am, you may only drink water. Then, on glucose test day, they will take your urine and blood sample. After that, they will ask you to drink air gula. Mix with 200 ml water in a glass. Remember to bring 1.5 ml water. Untuk ko minum-minum la sementara buang masa 2 jam. Tidak boleh makan or muntah. After 2 hours, once again they will take your urine and blood sample. Siap! For me, I don't have problem drinking the air gula. Sama ja bah tu macam Coca cola, Pepsi, 100 Plus and soft drinks lain. Ada orang tidak dapat telan itu air gula, terlampau manis dorg bilang. Jadeyyyyyyyyy. Kuroyon poh di.

Ada tempat lain juga buat glucose test kalau mau. Sana Gribbles. I forgot berapa harga di sana. RM10-30 la kali range dia. Di sana dia bg ko mnum 250 ml air gula jg tapi ada gas. Sedap la dorg bilang, tidak susah mau telan. Procedure lebih kurang ja. Before and after ada ambil urine and blood but sa lupa berapa kali and berapa minit/ jam gap dia.

Baby's movement makin kuat sudah. Especially during evening and night time. Super active. Main bola ka berzumba dia ni di dalam. Time ni la baru rasa ko betul2 mengandung. Sebab sblm ni xda yang goyang2 dlm perut kan. What a wonderful feeling it is.

And finally, the moment all of us have been waiting for.......girl or boy?

It's a GIRL!
7 July - Appointment at Rafflesia Medical Centre. Finally baby tunjuk juga gender dia. Memang kami sudah agak mesti sumandak. Sebab sa sama Darryl balik2 sudah mimpi pasal baby girl. Huahuahua. Estimated fetal weight: 1.2 kg.

(To be continued.....)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I am Pregnant!

Hello! Some of you might have already known the fact that I am pregnant kan. But why now baru I decided to post about it? It was too personal for me bah. Sekarang sudah 39 weeks and tinggal menunggu hari lagi, baru saya confident mau post dalam blog. Lamaaaaaaa sudah kena save as draft ni and today is the day la to post about my pregnancy updates from week to week punya cerita.

Here it goes!

First Trimester (1-3 months)

28 January 2014
Found out that I am pregnant. Bought pregnancy test from Watson's. Tidak tahu apa angin mlm tu tiba-tiba ja rasa mau cek before mandi. Sekali bila check, ada double line ni. Sa tidak percaya mula-mula sebab fade colour dia.

Imagine la bah since our wedding (April 2013), orang balik-balik tanya, 'Belum ada lagi?', 'Belum ada isi lagi?', 'Belum ada berita gembira ka?' and etc. Saya tidak tahu berapa banyak suda pregnancy test saya beli dari Watson's and Guardian. Maybe dalam 1 bulan, ada lah 1 kali saya check. Tiap bulan la kali sa cek tu tau? Atau every 2 months kali. Saya pun lupa sudah. Kami lagi ni yang bukan tinggal 1 rumah sebab Darryl is still working at Putrajaya at that time. November 2013 baru dia dapat transfer balik. Saya sampai tekanan sebab malas kena tanya soalan bonus.

I even went to Klinik & Surgeri Dr. Bernardine for consultation. I have irregular periods (every 3-5 bulan baru datang period) and I thought maybe I should take fertility drugs so that I can get pregnant easier? However, the doctor told me that my husband and I should try to conceive naturally first for 1 year. If after that masih lagi tidak ada berita, barulah they will do further check-up on both of us and prescribe fertility drugs la mcm tu. Doctor also explained that eventhough I have irregular periods, my ovary still produces an ovum each month. Besides that, kamu masih muda bah doc bilang. Rajin-rajin la kamu try. Paling kurang 3x in a week. The doctor even suggested me to take 1 month leave to stay with Darryl in KL. Hahahaha. Masa tu, ada happy sikit la sa rasa sbb sudah doctor explain gtu kan.

Even bersukan and aktif itu ini pun saya kasi kurang. Spy chances of getting pregnant tu ada la kunun but doctor disagreed with me. She even encouraged me to continue to do sports. So sempat la saya ikut sukan jabatan lagi. Hihihi.

Then, bbrp bln kemudian, saya tekanan lg balik, sampai saya nangis bah dpn Darryl. Nasib la laki saya ni memahami and pandai kasi reverse psychology. So, last2 saya ok jg.

Bah sambung balik cerita. Then, sa panggil la Darryl, p tgk d toilet. Terus dia pun excited and peluk saya dengan gembiranya. Dia panggil mama dia suruh tgk d toilet, mama dia pun excited, sampai keluar air mata and peluk saya juga. Punya main funny reaction dorg. Sa pula? Happy la tapi x la excited sampai keluar air mata. Mmg no feeling ba saya ni. Maybe sebab itu line fade bah colour dia. So saya pun 50-50. Still too early kali tu la dia fade. Usually if you're 2-3 weeks pregnant pun mmg keluar double line juga tu but fade because the hormone still dilute inside you. Pandai2 ja sa ni.

Macam fade kan the 2nd line
29 January 2014
Went to Klinik & Surgeri Dr. Bernardine to scan and to double confirm. Betul ka sa pregnant ni? Nasib tu pregnancy test tinggal 1 ja, if ada 4 tu, 4x jg la sa balik2 cek. Hahahahaha.

Itu nurse suruh check pakai pregnancy test kit dorg. Tapi sa bilang saya sudah check sendiri semalam, itu la dtg klinik mau scan untuk confirmation.

Before scan, the doctor asked me whether my bladder is full or not because susah mahu confirm if bladder kosong. I said, sa makan mee sup td before dtg. Oh bah marilah kita try scan doc bilang.

Hello little one!
Gestational Sac (baby's size) is 12.8mm and Gestational Age (baby's age) is 4 weeks 4 days.

Praise the Lord!

This is a miracle indeed. My last period was in October 2013 and finally I am pregnant with our miracle baby! Lord has answered my prayers. Alleluia!

5 weeks
Starting to have morning sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum). No car freshener, no perfume, no Downy softener for clothes or any sorts of fragrance/ smell. The smell of fried garlic/onion, the smell of stewed chicken (to feed the dogs), the smell of whatsoever la. Kalau makan di kedai pun memilih, tidak mahu ini itu. Drinks? Mesti mau yang sejuk. Chinese teh ping la, teh c ping la, teh ping la, air sejuk la and etc. Org bilang x bgs mnum sejuk, nanti baby selalu kena flu.

6 weeks
Morning sickness getting worst. 2 days MC. Muntah tengah malam di airport time ambil hubby. Went to the clinic, doctor bg ubt muntah. Sandi gilaaaaaa morning sickness

7 weeks
Morning sickness/ tired/ sleepy/ at work no productivity at all. Went to see Dr. Sutha at Rafflesia Medical Centre as recommended by MIL. Did ultrasound scan and vaginal scan. EDD 1 Oct 2014.

8 weeks
Ada 1 day saya muntah sampai 5x. (Ofis 2x muntah & rumah 3x muntah: 6.30pm, 7.30pm. 9.00pm). Darryl kesian betul tgk keadaan saya. He brought me to the clinic to jumpa doctor. Doctor bagi ubat gastric yang hisap2 & liquid. Lozenges utk hisap sebab tu esofagus macam luka sudah terlampau muntah. MC 2 days.

Other days I feel tired/ sleepy. Diarrhoea for 2 days.

24 February - Went to Klinik Kesihatan Penampang for my 1st review there. Current weight: 66 kg. They took my blood to check for blood group, HIV and thalassemia. Took my urine and it showed positive for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Memang pedih kencing sudah 2 days. Check lagi air kencing for bakteria. Kena tekan perlahan-lahan di perut utk rasa baby tapi staff nurse bilang masih kecil. Kena check susu. Sgt sesuai utk menyusu bayi tu staff nurse bilang. HAHAHAHA. Kena check urat tangan and kaki. So far so good.

9-10 weeks
Still feeling nauseous. Mmg d ofis langsung tidak ada produktiviti. Rasa mau tidur ja.

11 weeks
Our miracle baby.
Feeling nauseous but less.
17 March - Appointment at Rafflesia Medical Centre. Baby is active. CRL (Crown rump length) from head to buttocks is 6 cm. Saw baby moving and one hand doing jumping smash. LOL

18 March - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 65.1 kg. Turun 1 kg sebab muntah ja kerja. Hahaha. Blood pressure normal. Cek lab result from previous appointment. Air kencing free from bacteria. Syukur!

12-13 weeks
25 March - Less nauseous. Klinik Kesihatan Penampang 8.00 am. Current weight: 64.8 kg. Turun lagi berat. Cek kencing and glucose (1st MOGTT). Semua normal. Nasib tidak muntah during glucose checking, if tidak, kena buat balik lor. Estimated fetal weight: 70 g.

Ada 1 day, I vomitted at the car park. Time tu mau p tapau breakfast tu. Teruk kannnnnn. Huhu.

14 weeks
7 April - Attended a seminar at Pejabat Persekutuan Sabah. Joined tea break. Minum air suam and makan kueh tiaw goreng. Saw a friend, she asked me if I am pregnant. I was surprised because I was wearing a large baju kurung that day. Maybe she saw my condition and balik2 masuk tandas. During seminar perut meragam. Skipped lunch instead went to the cafeteria to buy jambu batu and jambu air. Ordered soto. Tapau iced milo bring into seminar. Perut meragam lagi. Reached home perut masih meragam.

9 April - MIL's birthday, hubby ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. Nah berabis makan. The next day, breakfast and makan ABC. Tengahari tidur. Bangun ja terus muntah makanan during breakfast. and ABC.

15 weeks

Stomach starting to show cute little baby bump.
Baby terbalik. Kepala di atas.
14 April - Rafflesia Medical Centre 10.45 am Dr. Sutha Chelliah. Darryl couldn't escape from work today, so I brought Steven to accompany me. Punya main susah mau cari parking. Next time datang sana mau petang la. During the scan baby cepat-cepat silang kaki and bersila. Pintar betul. Baby doesn't want to show his/her gender because daddy is not there I think? Atau dia malu? Baby's weight is 175 g. This time, baby terbalik pula but doc said not to worry because still plenty of time for baby to turn around.

16-18 weeks
Belum lagi nampak pregnant
Still nauseous and less appetite. Muntah ada kurang sikit sudah sebab pandai sudah saya pilih apa mahu makan. I use my mental power to fight the urge to vomit.

17 April - Appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. Jumpa nurse. Current weight: 66.6 kg. Start naik sudah berat. I was reminded to eat healthily.

19 weeks
Selfie with baby inside tummy tapi nampak macam perut buncit ja kan
 9 - 12 May - Went for a short holiday trip with Darryl, Laura and Elron to SINGAPORE!

(To be continued.....)

Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 Walk-in Audition (East Malaysia)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pregnancy Questionnaire

How far along?
39 weeks

Total weight gain/loss?
14.5kg gained. Managed to maintain this weight gain since 36 weeks. Fuh!

Maternity clothes?
Yesssssss. Can only fit into maternity dress. I can't fit into my XXXXL pants I bought during my 1st & 2nd trimester.

Stretch marks?
Yes. Since my 28 weeks. Left and right of my lower belly.

Depends. Sometimes it’s so hard to get comfortable. Every night have to wake up and pee 2-3 times.

Best moment this week?
Contractionnsssssss and my holiday starts today!

Miss Anything?
Badminton, running......SPORTSSSSS

Yes. Very active baby. Especially in the morning and evening. Doctor told me my baby has long legs.

Food cravings?
Cakes and anything sweet.

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Steamed chicken and anything related to chicken.

Have you started to show yet?
Yes indeed.


Labor Signs?
Braxton Hicks and mild contractions

Belly Button in or out?

Wedding rings on or off?
Off since my 1st trimester.

Happy or Moody most of the time?
Moody but I choose to feel happy so I won't stress myself and baby.

Looking forward to?
Cuddle with my baby.

Friday, August 22, 2014

12 Pelajar Akademi Fantasia Tahun 2014


Adeline Joyce Masidah
21 tahun
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Mohd Firman Bansir
25 tahun
Tawau, Sabah

Mari sokong peserta AF dari Sabah!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 ASEAN Average Height

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Puncak Gloxinia, Sabah - Perumahan Penjawat Awam 1Malaysia

Monday, July 28, 2014


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to my relatives, friends and colleagues!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan State Level 2014 Results

Winner: DBKK - Ms. Cheryl Lynn Pinsius
2nd: Kota Marudu - Ms. Scarlett Megan
3rd: Johor - Ms. Liz Lorena Rayner
4th: Putatan - Ms. Samantha Sharon Laujang
5th: Tuaran - Ms. Hemy Menjadi
6th: Papar - Ms. Debbie Collete Christopher
7th: Klang Valley - Ms. Maylesthelyn Matius

From left to right:
6th place: Papar - Ms. Debbie Collete Christopher
4th: Putatan - Ms. Samantha Sharon Laujang
2nd: Kota Marudu - Ms. Scarlett Megan
Winner: DBKK - Ms. Cheryl Lynn Pinsius
3rd: Johor - Ms. Liz Lorena Rayner
5th: Tuaran - Ms. Hemy Menjadi
7th: Klang Valley - Ms. Maylesthelyn Matius

From left to right:
2nd: Kota Marudu - Ms. Scarlett Megan
Winner: DBKK - Ms. Cheryl Lynn Pinsius
3rd: Johor - Ms. Liz Lorena Rayner

Photo by: Nelson Michael Photography


Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2014 Trivia

1. Kota Kinabalu won Unduk Ngadau for second consecutive years. Kota Kinabalu is the fourth district who have won backtoback winners after Penampang, Tuaran and Inanam.

2. Putatan placed in third runner up for second consecutive years.

3. Kota Marudu place in Top 3 for the first time and the highest achievement for Kota Marudu district in Unduk Ngadau history

4. Johor place second runner up for it first debut in Unduk Ngadau Pageant.

5. Klang valley placed in Top7 for second consecutive years.

6. Penampang unplace for the first time in Unduk Ngadau Pageant history.

7. Kemabong place in Top 15 for the first time.

8. Paitan place in the Top 15 for second time.

9. Unduk Ngadau 2014 winners was an Unduk Ngadau Inanam district 2011 and entered to semifinalist (Top 15).

10. Unduk Ngadau Putatan 2014 ( 3rd runner up) was an Unduk Ngadau Penampang 2012 and finished 4th runner up UNK 2012.

11. Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley 2014 ( 6th runner up) was an Unduk Ngadau Putatan 2009 and finished as semifinalist ( Top15)

12. Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2014 ( 4th runner up) was an Unduk Ngadau Likas 2013 amd finished as semifinalist (Top15)

13. Unduk Ngadau Sandakan 2014 was an Unduk Ngadau Beluran 2013 and unplace for both pageant.

14. Unduk Ngadau Menumbok 2014 was a semifinalist for Sabah Model of the Year 2014 and Best Dress subsidiary title winner.

15. Unduk Ngadau Sipitang 2014 was and Unduk Ngadau Kuala Penyu 2012 and unplace for both pageant.

16. Unduk Ngadau Labuan and Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley are siblings.

17. Ranau unplace after place in the semifinalist for four consecutive years.

18. Unduk Ngadau Tamparuli 2014 was the 2nd runners up Miss Sabah Model of the Year 2011 and Top 7 Miss Sabah Earth 2012.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Contoh Soalan Q&A Pertandingan Unduk Ngadau

Soalan 1

Sekiranya anda terpilih sebagai Unduk Ngadau pada tahun ini, apakah cara anda untuk memartabatkan budaya Kadazan Dusun Murut.

Soalan 2
Apakah cadangan anda untuk mengatasi masalah remaja kini yang semakin lemah dalam penguasaan bahasa Kadazan Dusun Murut?

Soalan 3
Bagaimanakah anda menerapkan nilai 1Malaysia dalam Pesta Kaamatan?

Soalan 4
Sebagai wanita yang bakal bergelar Unduk Ngadau, bagaimanakah anda boleh mempertahankan gelaran ini agar ia sentiasa dihormati dalam masyarakat kita?

Soalan 5
______________________ adalah tema untuk Pesta Kaamatan pada tahun ini. Apakah pemahaman anda mengenai tema tersebut?

Soalan 6
Apakah makna kecantikan pada diri anda?

Soalan 7
Sekiranya anda terpilih menjadi Unduk Ngadau pada tahun ini, bolehkah gelaran Unduk Ngadau menjamin anda dalam pemilihan karier hidup?

Good luck ladies!

Juara Sugandoi Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri Sabah Tahun 2014

Daerah: Tambunan
Lagu Wajib: Bontugo Tadau Kaamatan - Venitha Lojuti
Lagu Pilihan: Nung Noilaan Ku - Clare Petrus Edwin

Johan: Tambunan - Rosario Ninih Chamini Bianis
Naib Johan: DBKK - Aznor Jipin
Tempat Ketiga: Penampang - Diandra Justin

Thursday, May 22, 2014

10 Finalists Sugandoi Kaamatan State Level 2014

Semalam berlangsungnya Pertandingan Separuh Akhir Sugandoi Kaamatan 2014 di Dewan Hongkod KDCA, Penampang.

And the 10 finalists are from:

Penampang - Diandra Justine
Ranau - Izlan Haimin
Tambunan - Rosario Ninih Chamini Bianis
Membakut - Jack Taisung
Kota Kinabalu - Aznor Jipin
Beluran - Harvey Henry
Matunggong - Terence Asangki
Kudat - Musliady Toning
Klang Valley - Becher Ray Benidict
Kinabatangan - Jovinia Umjin

The Finals will be on 23 May 2014 (Friday) at 7.00pm. Jangan malu jangan segan marilah ramai-ramai support!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan State Level 2014


Samantha Sharon Laujang (UNK Penampang 2012)

Photo by: Leslie Isaac


Winner (middle) - Miss Vanessa Audrey Gilbert
1st runner up (right) - Miss. Sherene
2nd runner up (left) - Miss Shearly

Photo by: Nelson Michael


Robecca Robert (UNK Membakut 2012)

Photo by: El Makeover El


Winner - Cynthia Joseph
1st Runner Up - Rachel Rodriguez Lajangkip
2nd Runner Up - Melstephy Augustine

Photo by: Juanis Attau


Winner (middle) - Miss Sylvia George
1st runner up (right) - Miss. Amanda 
2nd runner up (left) - Miss. Sharon 

Photo by: Nelson Michael


Christine Ferra Mojiun

Photo by: Shah Real


Cornelia Roland

Photo by: John Tendahal

Winner - Kota Kinabalu (Middle) - Cheryl Lynn Pinsius (UNK Inanam 2011)
1st runner up - Likas (Left) - Aloysia Thecla Phillip (UNK Kota Belud 2008)
2nd runner up - Tanjung Aru (Right) - Jennyfer Lim Yen Peng

Photo by: Leslie Isaac

Kota Marudu

Scarlett Megan

Photo by: David Aramaitii


Ruzell Rozaliah Micheal

Photo by: David Aramaitii


Mayzlyne Ley

Photo by: Martin Buguk


Lediana Asmat

Photo by: Melinda Louis

Kuala Penyu

Debbie Lee

Photo by: Debbie Lee


Debbie Collette Christopher

Photo by: Rosie Taylor


Conney Jack Raddius

Photo by: Fadzlee Matsitum


Hemy Menjadi

Photo by: David Aramaitii


Frederica Fabian

Photo by: David Aramaitii


Rozita Richard

Photo by: Syanney Frendius


Cellyzlyn Stephen

Photo by: Mazizy J. Lomodi


Flora Fabian

Photo by: Westley Westz


Glory D. Yakobos

Photo by: Westley Westz



Photo by: DegLay Suil


Jane Alleyssa Deniel Udar


Magdelina Majin

Kota Belud

Susanna Manu Mathew

Photo by: David Aramaitii

Note: Will update more soon. Sibuk bah. Hehehehe :D

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